What If – Making Dreams Come True

Family Christmas

What if you could make someone’s dream come true, with no concern for cost or supplies? Who would it be and what would you do? This was a recent challenge posted by Aewl’s Abode.

[Imagine (God Forbid!) what if your loved one is dying. What would be the one thing that you would do to fulfill the dying wish of your loved one? Keep in mind, no traveling is allowed. Also, you can ask your loved one what their wish would be, but please note it in your story that you did so. Assume you have unlimited resources to fulfill the wish, but not unlimited time.]

He said “loved one”, so I chose a loved one who has had one wish that I know for certain would be a dream come true. My mother.

According to the rules, no traveling is allowed, but Aewl’s Abode ‘approved’ for me to let others travel as long as my mother stays put.

For years my mother has dreamed of having all of her children and their families together for Christmas. Never in all her life, has she had each one of her children together in the same place, at the same time. Her dream is simple. It’s not about gifts or what we could gain from each other. It’s just about being together as a family.

Being in a blended family, the 7 of us kids grew up separately from each other, some with our dads and some with our moms. As much as I’ve wanted to make this dream come true for her, it is nearly impossible. Some of her kids are on the other side of the United States and others reside outside of the country entirely. All of their schedules are hectic and they have families of their own now. Regardless, for the sake of making her dream come true, this is what I would do.

To make this happen, wouldn’t require anything extravagant. It would only require time and secrecy, because I would want it to be a surprise. If money were no object, I would purchase a plane ticket for each of her 7 children, myself included, and their families. We would all arrive on the morning of Christmas Eve, rent a vehicle (or several) and drive to my mother’s house.

Her dogs would let her in on the the secret right away, but she would only see me. Seeing me at her door wouldn’t be too much of a shock, because she’s already expecting me to surprise her one day.

Even so, she would squeal with excitement, as she rushes out to hug me. At that point, she would see everyone else as they pile out of the vehicle. Her squeals would go up times 10 and everyone on the block would know that we were there. After several hugs and lots of tears from us all, she would usher us into her house.

In my mind, I can clearly see all of us gathering in the kitchen. That’s the place we always flock to, no matter how many other rooms are in the house. Some of the kids (we’re kids regardless of how old we are) would be sitting around the dining table. I’d be sitting on the counter and others would be playing with the dogs as they chase each other around the kitchen floor.

For hours, we would share stories of old times and a great deal of laughter would be heard among us. With Christmas music playing in the background, we would decorate the tree together. Afterward, a deck of cards would likely be pulled out and a few games would be played.

The games would last well into the night, as we would spend most of our time reminiscing and joking with other each. Undoubtedly, embarrassing stories of our childhood would  come up and we would all burst into hysterical laughter. Tears would be rolling and our jaws would be hurting from smiling so much.

Then on Christmas Day, we would prepare a big dinner with all the fixin’s. The guys would even help out, because that’s just what they do. We’re a kind and loving bunch. Our parents raised us well. Once dinner is ready, we would organize it all on the table. Then we would sit, probably for hours together, eating and simply enjoying each others’ company.

Although the day would soon come to an end and everyone would travel back to their homes, the memories would last forever. That special time together is something that we could carry with us for the rest of our lives. For my mother, it would be a dream come true. That is my wish and maybe, just maybe, one day it will come true.

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11 Responses to What If – Making Dreams Come True

  1. pardenme says:

    Thank you Sweetheart, for making my dream come true – if only for a moment. As you said, maybe one day… I love you


  2. suzjones says:

    Sounds just awesome. What a great treat that would be.


  3. Jenna Dee says:

    Never lose the dream. Love Jenna 🙂


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  5. I pray your wish comes true.


  6. What a wonderful dream for your mother. I hope that one day it may come true.


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