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When Tomorrow Doesn’t Come

“My mother called on Sunday wanting to spend time with me, but I was too busy that day and couldn’t. On Tuesday she died.” As I spoke to the young woman who cried these words, tears filled my eyes. Her … Continue reading

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What Happened to Parenting?

The little girl happily rode her tricycle, as she circled around and rammed into merchandise. She watched and smiled as shoppers tried to dodge her. Her father, oblivious to her presence, kicked back on a bench facing the opposite direction, … Continue reading

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Our Voice When We No Longer Have One

A fellow blogger recently passed away, a life suddenly taken without warning. Today, I visited his blog to read a few of his posts. It’s haunting to realize that you’re reading the words of someone who has passed on. It’s … Continue reading

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Living Eulogy

Out of all the letters that can be written, a eulogy is normally the most sincere and heartfelt of them all. They speak of how much the deceased was cared for and loved. Of the many wonderful, funny, and sometimes … Continue reading

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