Trailer Trash


Not everyone who lives in a trailer is trailer trash. Trailer trash is a characteristic, a style of living, not a specific type of house. You could live in a mansion and be considered trailer trash.

I’ve stepped foot into some very nice homes that made me cringe at how filthy they were. Places that required that I take a shower after returning home. But, I’ve also stepped foot into a few trailer homes that were in pristine condition, clean and beautifully decorated.

For half of my childhood, we grew up in trailers. Some were on private pieces of land and others were in trailer parks. Not a single one of them however, was what most people think of when they hear “trailer park”, or what they see on TV and in the movies.

The communities were neatly organized and clean. The residents were friendly and caring, for the most part. There will always be a couple bad apples no matter where you go.

As a kid, I remember many days riding my bike freely through the community, taking walks and spending time getting to know the neighborhood kids. Unlike a long road of neighbors near in proximity but distant in relationships, a trailer park offers real community.

A community of friends, and people who look out for one another. It’s like a small town, tucked into a big city. I’m thankful that as a child I got to experience trailer park living and was given the opportunity to learn that stereotypes are not always accurate.

So next time you think of trailer trash, remember that the name isn’t defined by the trailer. It’s defined by the resident… regardless of their housing type.

This post was for today’s Writing 101 assignment hosted by The Daily Post.

Tell us about the home where you lived when you were twelve. Today’s twist: pay attention to your sentence lengths and use short, medium, and long sentences.

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22 Responses to Trailer Trash

  1. Great post!! Thank you for sharing it with us. — And, I agree with you whole heartedly.


  2. Home, true home, is where we make it. And what others may think or say about the structure or its location, matters not. Not at all. Well communicated!


  3. kaygy says:

    Beautiful write-up. Also, your title was captivating 🙂


  4. Linda Rooney says:

    Definitely pointing out how true that it’s not the place but the person. Great read!


  5. whisper2scream says:

    Agreed 100% and I applaud you for using your writing – and this prompt in particular – to work a little bit of social justice. Now, as someone who has editorialized quite a bit myself through some of these assignments, I do want to point out that it’s one thing to tell the reader how she should feel and quite another (and much more challenging) to set the reader up to figure it out for herself. It’s the classic show don’t tell (I think we had an assignment about that already). You have such passion for your position, the trick is to construct images and situations to make me – the reader – connect with your position. Even if you can’t make me agree with it (which I do), you can at least make me feel it and form my own opinions. Does that make sense? Not trying to be picky…


    • mewhoami says:

      That makes complete sense. It’s similar to the idea “make a person think that it’s their idea and they’ll be more apt to go along with it.” Great advice. This was a quick write, with little time to devote to it. Next time since I’ll have more time, I’ll certainly consider your advice. Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • whisper2scream says:

        Thanks for understanding that I’m not out to bash you as a writer…just offer feedback. And you’re spot on with your idea.


  6. Great point and I couldn’t agree more. My aunt lived in a trailer and there was so much love in that little place the memories will stay with me forever 😉


  7. April says:

    I agree with the community feel. My mother lives in a trailer park for 55 and older people. I have met, and made friends with most of her neighbors. The only neighbor I knew in our current neighborhood just moved. I’m enjoying your writing prompts.


    • mewhoami says:

      Thank you, April. What a nice community for retirees. They especially need neighbors who they can form relationships with. Regular neighborhoods are nice, but like your experience, it can be hard to get to know them. They seem busier and much more distant.


  8. DailyMusings says:

    Such a great lesson – it’s the people that make the place, and home is where you make it


  9. tildy1 says:

    Great commentary!


  10. My great grandparents owned a trailer park, and it was awesome, and you are right, it’s not the trailer, it’s the residence!


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