Quotes From the 16 Year Old Me

teen girl

Reading though my old diary yesterday, I ran across some very interesting things that I had written. Most of them will never be told. Not to anyone.

However, there were some quotes I had written on the back page when I was 16, that I thought would be fun to share. They were each inspired by situations I experienced as a teenager.

Quotes ~ by the 16 year old me

– Love is only a word, said by too many.

– Life is a puzzle waiting to be finished.

– Without love, life is nothing.

– Love is like a tree, struck by lightening during the storm.

– Life is swept away by hate.

– Ask for forgiveness before your chance has passed.

– The child within, is the person without.

– The best gift is the the gift of love.

– Make sure you’ve caught the right fish, before you travel too far to throw it back.

These words could have just as easily been written today, as they were 17 years ago. I suppose, in some ways we never change. We learn and grow, but our inner-self remains the same.

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8 Responses to Quotes From the 16 Year Old Me

  1. Doobster418 says:

    I didn’t keep a diary when I was 16, but if I had, it probably would have had entries like, “Oscar Mayer bologna and processed Kraft American cheese with mayonnaise on white Wonder bread makes an awesome sandwich.” You had some pretty deep thoughts for a 16 year old. Deeper, in fact, than most of my thoughts today.


  2. suzjones says:

    Isn’t cool (and somewhat cringeworthy) what you find in the diaries of your younger self?


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