Beyond the Wall – Take Two

dreary houseUpon entering the faded bronze colored gates, the large dreary house comes into view. It is surrounded by thick trees and tall weeds that cover the lawn. The white paint on the outer wall is cracked and stripped, as if clawed at by a ferocious animal. A wind chime hangs by the door, silenced by the rust that binds the chimes together.

The door knob jiggles as it is turned. With a shove, the door frees from its tight seal. The furniture inside sits unmoved, covered in a thick layer of dust and swaying cobwebs. To the right, there is a staircase leading to the second floor. Its stairs are weak and unstable. Walking through the foyer, framed portraits hang on the wall reminiscent of a time long ago. The only sound to be heard is of the creaking floor below.

Toward the rear of the house, a light breeze drifts through one of the broken windows. Seeking the fresh air, a path is made to the double doors that lead to the outside. At first, it appears that there is no escape from the dreariness of the house. The doors are glued to the frame and as they are pulled, they remain fixed in position. With determination and force, one final attempt is made. The door flies open and what it reveals is stunning to the eyes.

ocean treeResting along the wall are several tall rose bushes, in a variety of magnificent colors. Bright yellow tulips and pink lilies line the edge of the lawn. Lush green grass flows through the yard and travels down to the sand lining the shore. The air is filled with the smell of the ocean, and the waves can be heard as they ripple and crash onto the rocks below.

Nestled under the long branches of a tree, sits a bench that overlooks the crystal waters. Off to the left is a long pier, where a boat floats in place waiting for its next adventure. Gazing ahead, the view continues on for miles to where the water meets the sky.

A few small clouds scatter across the horizon, while the sun begins to set in the distance. As the earth darkens, the sound of the ocean fills the silence. Looking above, millions of stars cover the sky, stretching as far as the eye can see. A shooting star passes through the night sky and a wish is made. Turning to look at the house once more, reveals that the dreariness has departed and beauty has taken its place.

This post is for today’s Writing 101 assignment hosted by The Daily Post. 

Go to a local café, park, or public place and report on what you see. Get detailed: leave no nuance behind. Today’s twist: write an adverb-free post. If you’d rather not write a new post, revisit and edit a previous one: excise your adverbs and replace them with strong, precise verb

For this assignment I decided to edit an old post, and I’m glad I did. There were all sorts of typos! Plus, I figured it was safe to re-post it since only 7 people read the original back in Oct 2013.

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6 Responses to Beyond the Wall – Take Two

  1. judithhb says:

    Great post. It sets the scene so well that I can see the wall. I didn’t do yesterday’s assignment ran out of time but will now re post one of the earlier posts I wrote when I was just beginning.


  2. vakunzmann says:

    I could picture this scene in my mind. Good descriptors, good subject matter, and good idea to revisit one of your former posts. Thank you.


  3. Really lovely writing! 🙂


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