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Opposite Personalities

When I first typed the title for this, I immediately thought of marriage. Two opposite minded people living under the same roof can be a circus. That’s not what this post is about though. This is more of a late … Continue reading

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Tribute To True Friendship

Throughout our lives, we meet many wonderful people who we call ‘friend’. Some stay for a while and others, only for a short time. What I’ve learned is that, out of all of those friendships, rarely does a person ever … Continue reading

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Under A Cloud

Have you ever just been in a mood that you can’t seem to get over? For the past couple weeks, I’ve been in one of those moods. It started two Sundays ago. I could feel it coming upon me like … Continue reading

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Spying Eyes

Like many girls, I had a diary as a child. That is where my deepest thoughts were kept. There were entries about various people, what they had done and how I felt about them. Some were friends and others family. … Continue reading

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