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He Doesn’t Get Angry

“You know how hard it can be to control your emotions, especially when you get angry, right?” Perplexed, my son had no answer to give when his speech therapist asked him this question. After a few moments of silence I … Continue reading

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Drowning Out the Pain

Happy and excited to finally have a job, she prepares for her first day of work. “This time will be different,” she thinks. With just a small sip, she heads out to start her day. The first day went great … Continue reading

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A Child’s Choice

“Should I live or die?” A twelve year old girl sits alone in her room, deciding her own fate. Her hand grasps tightly onto a belt, while her gaze is set on the clothes rod above. “I could hang myself … Continue reading

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Who Did It? Confessions of Long Ago

It started out like any other evening. Our family gathered around the dining table to enjoy the meal my mother had prepared. After getting settled into our seats, we began discussing that day’s activities. We laughed and carried on as … Continue reading

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