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What Life Experiences Have Taught Me

The meme above is not meant to be taken seriously. It, written with obvious sarcasm, was created to prove a point. Nearly every day I read a comment on the news, social media or on various blogs written by someone … Continue reading

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Leaving it for Someone Else to Do

The two young men quickly pushed the shopping cart across the store. As they turned down an aisle, they looked around them to see if anyone was watching. Seeing that no one was (they didn’t see me), they parked the … Continue reading

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Be Careful Who You Listen To

If you’re certain of something in your life, don’t let anyone cause you to rethink it. There will always be someone who will want you to see your life from their point of view. They will have unsolicited advice to … Continue reading

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Your Thoughts – Marriage or Not?

Would you rather commit yourself to marriage or live a life of dating? This question is inspired by a rather interesting conversation I had yesterday with a fellow blogger on an old (but sadly, very popular) post I wrote entitled, … Continue reading

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