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When To Do Nothing

There is a time to make a decision and there is a time not to. Knowing the difference between the two can save us from making decisions that we will regret. We often allow our emotions to make our decisions … Continue reading

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Everyone Has a Story

We meet people everyday and it is easy to look at them as if they are ‘just another person.’ What we seem to forget however, is that every person has a story. No one is ordinary. Every passing face on … Continue reading

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Raising a Generation of Undisciplined Adults

While growing up, I got disciplined for the bad things that I did. That was just how it worked. Although I didn’t enjoy it, I knew that I had done wrong, so I accepted my punishment. Afterward I didn’t throw … Continue reading

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Lead a Horse to Water

We have all probably known a few habitual complainers. Those who constantly complain about the same issues, but then do nothing to correct the problem. They ask for suggestions, which are given, but then apply none of them. The answer … Continue reading

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