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The Sweetest Guy I Know

There is a special guy in my life. He’s the sweetest one I know. His words are honest and his actions are sincere. He gives to others without expecting anything in return. He thinks of their needs and wants before … Continue reading

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Mother and Son Days

Every summer for years, my son and I would spend nearly every weekend in the mountains together. Aside from heading west, our days were always unplanned. We explored just about every trail we could find and took each road we … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Life

On my final day, I want to be able to say, “I have lived a wonderful life.” While reading a post recently, this statement stuck out to me. However, I didn’t think of my own life when I read it. … Continue reading

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Learning to Think

My son may be getting older, but for a long time he’s had one issue that’s prevented him from growing up. That issue is me. I’ve been holding him back and I didn’t realize it until yesterday. There are many … Continue reading

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