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Can Our Intuition Be Trusted?

As I was pushing the shopping cart down the aisle, the man turned and looked at me. Slowly I passed him, trying to ignore his gaze. With my head turned away from him, I could feel his stare going straight … Continue reading

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Life Behind the Screen

Who are you behind the screen? What do you choose not to share with your readers? I would assume that for most of us, there is a lot that we do not share. It is the world wide web after all. Why … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have to Take It

Standing in line at a local restaurant several years ago, a young girl stood in front of me. At her side was her boyfriend, I assumed because of the snug hold he had on her. “That’s sweet. He must really … Continue reading

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Midnight Stalker

“Finally, a safe place to call my own.” Crystal breathed a sigh of relief as she unpacked her last box and looked around at her new home. “It’s beautiful!” Proud of her work, she headed to the bathroom to get … Continue reading

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