Before You Decide


You’ll appreciate and enjoy life a lot more when you realize that what you have is more important than what you don’t.

That’s something I learned recently and oddly enough it was taught to me by a recurring dream I’ve been having. For the past few months, I have had a certain dream up to 5 times a week, each time with a slightly different scenario, but all with the same ending. An ending that was quite upsetting.

Tired of it, I finally decided to sit down and mull it over. Why was I having this dream all the time? The answer: I was torn between two desires – my life as it is now versus the things (none of which are material) in life I would like to have, but don’t. So I asked myself this question, “Which is more important – what you have or what you don’t… not just now, but in years to come?” The answer – what I have right now.

What I have now means more to me than what I don’t.

In that moment and with that realization, my life instantly became more satisfying.

Years ago, I would have allowed that mental tug-of-war to pull me down and ultimately lead me to a decision I would have later regretted.

A lot of our regrets are due to hasty decision making. When we don’t like something or it becomes too overwhelming, instead of waiting it out or sincerely trying to fix it, we run. How often do we consider the future consequences of our decisions and how they will affect us and others? How often do we take the time to consider which desire of ours is more important?

Imagine your life as it is right now. Then imagine what you’re desiring or what you’re wanting to escape. Now imagine your future with or without that. When we take the time to imagine ourselves in the future that we’re desiring to have, we sometimes realize that it wouldn’t be so great after all. That it’s not really what we want.

Still, we must decide. We must either work to improve what we have and/or appreciate it, or throw in the towel and take the risk of ruining everything we worked so hard for.

As for me, I’ve decided that what I have is more important than what I don’t. And I am very satisfied knowing that.


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9 Responses to Before You Decide

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    Love this! You are right. It is the impetuous decisions that bring the most struggle in the end.


  2. joyroses13 says:

    So very good! I believe you made the right decision!
    And I love dreams, they can speak so many things to us, if we take the time to think about them. Now you still have your crazy, silly dreams, but yes the dreams that keep repeating are usually repeating for a reason. So glad you were able to figure it out and thanks for sharing!


    • mewhoami says:

      You are right! And I agree, the silly dreams are great, but those recurring ones are just frustrating. Happy to report though, that it’s been 5 days since I had that dream last. Finally, I think it may be over.


  3. I don’t even want to contemplate losing what I have. Good thoughts MWAI.


  4. DailyMusings says:

    Great post- I so agree with you!


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