Anger – An Ugly Emotion

boy angry

The other day I was teaching my son how to drive. He was doing great, making his turns well, slowing and stopping at appropriate times and staying in his lane. Then, toward the end of his driving lesson, he got distracted. By what I don’t know, but it was enough to cause him to start swerving all over his lane. Probably a girl…

Finally after he ran over the sidewalk, I made him pull over. We both got out and met near the back of the car.

I immediately went into scolding mode. “What were you doing? You weren’t even paying attention!”

That’s when he did something I had never seen him do before. He raised his hands, ready to hit me.

“Oh no, you will not.” I firmly told him.

He lowered his hands, but as soon as I opened my mouth to continue speaking, he lifted them up again in anger. I was shocked; so upset with him and in disbelief at what I was seeing. He had never done anything like that before. It didn’t even seem real.

That’s because it wasn’t. It was a dream.

Whew! Good thing too, because otherwise that boy would have been grounded for months.

When I awoke the next morning and remembered the dream, I became very thankful. Not only because it was just a dream and my son could go on living (haha), but because anger is an emotion that I’ve rarely seen in him.

By now, at the age of 16, he should have been angry on many occasions. But, he hasn’t been. In fact, I can only recall one time when he was truly angry and had an outburst. Even then, his outburst was minimal and short-lived.

That’s one trait, among many, that I’ve learned is a benefit of my son having autism. He doesn’t know anger. He doesn’t allow things or people to get him riled up. He’s calm. He’s patient. When he does get frustrated or disappointed, it only lasts a moment. He never lets it ruin his day, or even the next hour. It’s not worth it to him.

That is one quality that I wish all people had, myself included. Too often we allow things and people to ruin our day. We let our anger stew for hours. We rant. We stomp. We ignore. Some people throw things, punch walls and become violent toward others. We allow anger to eat at us from the inside.

Instead of holding onto anger, what we should do, is learn to let things go. Is it worth it? Is it really that important? Will it matter two years from now, or even tomorrow? Probably not, and in most cases situations resolve themselves.

Getting angry and acting on that anger fixes nothing. It can however, make the situation worse. When we’re angry, we say things that shouldn’t be said. We make rash decisions. We do foolish things. Many times, these are all things that we later regret. But, we can avoid this by staying calm and being patient.

Anger is an ugly emotion. Not only when seen by others, but also when felt internally. Don’t let it consume you.

If my son were to teach this lesson, he’d likely say: Don’t get angry. It’s not worth wasting your time over. Plus, there’s too much fun to be had! So, let it go and go have fun!

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22 Responses to Anger – An Ugly Emotion

  1. A.PROMPTreply says:

    I love this…you not only find a benefit in a disability but go on to teach us a lesson through that. Thanks!


  2. koolaidmoms says:

    What an amazing story. I have a child with autism who is just the opposite. Asking him to pick up his socks off the floor can send him into a rage. I think this will be a phrase I will be repeating often, “It is not worth wasting your time over. Let it go and go have fun!” Thanks.


    • mewhoami says:

      Oh no, I can somewhat relate to the tantrums. My son used to throw terrible ones up until about age 5, but not out of anger, just because of environmental overload. It is a good phrase! One that we should all remember. We don’t want anger to cause us to miss out on all the fun. šŸ™‚


  3. Sahar says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Can I please borrow your son so that he can help me learn not to waste my time not just with anger, but with all kinds of other emotions that are just not worth the time?


  4. grannyK says:

    I could take a lesson from him! And, I am so glad that was a dream! I was getting upset there for a minute!


  5. markbialczak says:

    Thanks for using your son’s even temperament to illustrate this wise point of view, Me Who. Anger consumes us too much, yes, it can.


  6. amommasview says:

    What a wise young man…


  7. kellie@writingmoment says:

    Great lesson for us all šŸ™‚


  8. So much truth MWAI. I don’t know how much of my life I’ve wasted getting ‘angry’. Even though it’s an honest emotion, it’s the holding on to it that is so detrimental. And not knowing what to do with it. Hopefully we can all learn from your son.


    • mewhoami says:

      You’re right about that. We all get angry, but what we do with that anger is ultimately what matters. Bitterness toward another is tormenting, not for them, but for us. Yes, I know I’ve certainly learned a lot from him. I’m still working to put it all into practice though. He’s got it mastered. One day maybe we will too.

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      • I will say, the older I’ve become, the more often I’ve been able to remind myself that ‘my’ anger is truly only hurting me. Tell him he’s way ahead of the game. šŸ™‚


        • mewhoami says:

          Yes, I agree with you there. I get angry much less now than I used to and rarely do I ever act on that anger. It’s truly not worth the time and only causes more harm than good.

          Liked by 1 person

          • THAT is a great deal to do with it. I do not want to waste one second of what I have. I did that when I was young. I have learned those lessons. And anger is most often a huge waste. It can be beneficial, an energy, if used correctly and processed ‘out’.

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  9. A lesson to be learned!


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