My Mission


My mission is to stop talking and start doing. I’m a talker, always have been. I have lots of great ideas and plans; goals that I want to reach. But more often than not, they remain just that – great ideas.

There have been many times when I’ve said that I’m going to do this or that, but then end up doing nothing at all. I allow self-doubt to get in my way, ultimately stopping me from going any further. Not only is that discouraging, but it has also caused me to lose trust in myself. If we can’t trust ourselves, who else will trust us? It easier to keep our word to others, but we must also keep our word to ourselves.

It’s all about integrity. We should be honest with ourselves, by fulfilling the promises that we make to the person in the mirror.

We can talk all day long, but that accomplishes nothing. We can even research for weeks on end about how to reach our goals, but eventually we have to stop researching and start doing.

That’s my mission. Stop talking and start doing.

How about you? Are you a talker or a doer?

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26 Responses to My Mission

  1. GO for it! I use to be a talker but now I have cut back on social media, set up an Asana account to keep me accountable for all my projects. Try it it, may help keep you accountable too.


  2. I think that I’m half of each. I try to do as I talk about, I just use some time for thinking before acting.


  3. Val Boyko says:

    Good for you! When we are not living our values we are out of integrity and get stressed. Walk the talk and give yourself the gift of authenticity. xo


  4. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Definitely a doer over here. I very seldom give warning before beginning one of my many adventures…….


    • mewhoami says:

      Good for you! That’s great to hear. In regard to some adventures, I’m like that as well. In some ways I’m very routine and in others I’m very spontaneous and hardheaded. In those situations, I’ll do what I say and let nothing stop me.

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  5. tric says:

    I’m a bit of both, but I like to think I’m a doer. Am not sure if I’m right


  6. A little bit of both. But I’d like to be less of one and more of the other!


  7. Having 9 kids means you are a doer for sure! you have to be doing all the time and not much time for thinking hahaha like the post


  8. amommasview says:

    A bit of both… It’s hard to do when it comes to me but when I see others struggle I actually do for them, help them out, help them get moving. It’s harder though for myself. Working on it… working on it…


    • mewhoami says:

      I completely agree. It’s much easier with others, than it is with ourselves. It’s good when we know that others know that they can depend on us. Now if only we could depend on ourselves just as much, then we’d have it made.

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  9. Melissa says:

    I think the best point you make is that it’s easier to be accountable to others than ourselves. Such a strange phenomenon and one I’m working on personally. I want to be more of a doer, in the positive changes for myself realm.


  10. I think I am definitely a talker. This post rings true for me in so many ways. This is exactly the thought pattern I’m wrestling with right now – to stop talking about what I want to do, stop holding myself back, stop procrastinating, stop being so afraid and just BE. Just do what I want to do without excuse and without apology. I don’t want to look back on life with regrets over the the things I did not do.


  11. Tina B. says:

    I used to be a talker because I had great ideas too. Nowadays, im doing way more working towards them. I understand you completely!


  12. We are a work in progress.


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