When the Story Ends


In our darkest hours we write about them; our ailing children, spouses, mothers, fathers. In an effort to cope and to help others, we tell of their lives, their struggles, their illnesses. We share moments of laughter, tears, happiness and heartache. Days, months, years of their lives are written out for all to read, to relate with, to be remembered.

Then the story ends.

There is no more to tell. All that can be written has been. What do we then, when new experiences are no longer attainable? What do we write about when the story ends?

To all those who have spent countless hours documenting the lives of those they’ve loved and lost…

Thank you. Thank you for letting us be there through the most intimate parts of your life. We know it wasn’t easy and that there were times when it was almost too much to bear. But because of your words, we have had the honor of knowing someone, that without you, we never would have known.

Through your sharing, we have seen them smile and we’ve heard their laughter. We’ve learned about their quirks, needs and wants, and what made them unique from all the rest. Because of you, we’ve learned what made them special.

Through your compassion, we know that they were cared for. Through your words, we know that they were deeply loved. Because of all that you’ve written, we know that they knew it too.

Although their story may have reached its last chapter, it will never end. It will continue on through the words that you have so eloquently written and through the life that you live. Because of the memoir that you have created, their memory will live on, forever touching those who knew them and those who didn’t.

Thank you for sharing your loved ones with us.

{The initial inspiration for this post came from Sheila Grimes. Thank you for telling your mother’s story.}

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16 Responses to When the Story Ends

  1. A.PROMPTreply says:

    And when the story ends we write about the ways we still see them affecting our lives and the lives of others……a life story is always a continuing saga……


  2. Very nice. Well said. I suppose we do tell the stories of our loved ones, so others will get a peek into who they were and how much we cared about them.


  3. amommasview says:

    How very beautiful! So emotional and deep. Thank you for writing this! You are right. It’s lovely that we get to hear their laughter, know about their stories, feel their pain… And will have them around forever in a certain way.


  4. Sahar says:

    Beautiful, emotional, and insightful! I guess although the story ends, it’s more that this tome ends for now–life goes on!


  5. Well written … such kind words … thanks for sharing/caring!


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