It Can’t Be Undone


Have you ever done something only to later realize that it can’t be undone? As minutes pass by,  the satisfaction of doing what you thought was right, slowly turns into regret, fearing that you made the wrong choice. Now all that is before you is time. A suspenseful waiting period, which will prove whether or not the choice was right.

What can you do? Nothing. Just wait and see how it all plays out.

Oftentimes, what we think is wisdom and logic leading us, is in fact our emotions. Our emotions cause us to make rash decisions, ones that many times we end up regretting. Wisdom on the other hand causes us to stop, think and fully analyze the situation and what its potential consequences may be, now and in the future.

We should never make a decision based on emotion. One would think that over time we’d learn this, but many of us don’t. Instead of waiting on wisdom, we try to justify our emotion-led choices by throwing in some logic. Unfortunately, the outcome is usually the same; bad.

Instead of making a rash decision that you’ll likely regret, wait. Do nothing until you are able to think clearly. Then, think. Analyze the situation. Brainstorm the potential consequences and how it may effect all parties involved. Silence your emotions and let wisdom lead you to do what’s right.

What’s done in one minute can have life-long consequences.

Think before you do.

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19 Responses to It Can’t Be Undone

  1. This is fantastic advice!!


  2. tric says:

    Thankfully experience has taught me to keep my powder dry. I was a real hot head in my day and have calmed down so much over the years. Now I hear nonsense or someone annoys me and I think do I really care.


    • mewhoami says:

      It’s good that you’ve learned this over the years. Most issues are not worth caring about, as they normally resolve themselves. I too have gotten much, much better than I used to be. Rarely ever do I jump the gun these days, but every once in a while my thinking still goes out the window.


  3. I am better at doing this than I was. It is those gut reactions that can either save us, or destroy us. Sometimes we have to act quickly, but most times, like you say-we have time to think.


  4. hsampson says:

    This is so true! but we live in a rush and sometimes thinking is difficult to do under the pression. Thanks for this reminder, wonderful lesson. Thank you!!


  5. George says:

    It ties into the written word. Never write something in anger and send it out. Write it and then go back and read it a few hours later. Chances are it will never be sent.


  6. very wise words… that I NEVER remember in the moment! LOL 🙂


  7. amommasview says:

    Yup… I think nowadays more than ever. Before all the technology we had to write a letter which already took some time. Then we had to carry it to the post office, which gave us time to think about it again. We had to dial and wait for the dialing sound to stop before being able to dial the next number. Another chance to think again. Today it all goes so fast and I think we are not longer used to take time to think. Answers are expected right away. And so we seem to follow that path and not think any more. Funny that you wrote this. My husband and I just had a conversation about it recently…


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  9. Great and true post. It is easy to react at emotions, but good to give ourselves a little time before we react.


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