Our Selfish World


We live in a world where everyone wants the right to do whatever they please, but refuse to face the consequences that come with those rights. They don’t consider or care about the negative impact their personal desires may have on others. It’s all about “me, me, me”, with little or no thought given to those around them or those to come.

The rights that people are so adamantly fighting for come with consequences. They are not “free”. We all want freedom, but too much freedom is not what we need. Rules and laws were put into place for a reason. They keep everything and everyone under control. Without laws and moral concepts, we will soon be a world gone mad. A people out of control, with no limits to what we can and will do.

We want freedom, but fail to realize that too much freedom will only lead to loss. Loss of unity, morality, self-responsibility, justice, compassion, and life itself.

No longer do people take responsibility for their actions. No longer do they pay the consequences. People are free to do whatever they please, while the rest of the world is forced to sit down, shut-up and take it. That is not freedom. That is a rebellious attitude born out of selfishness and complete disrespect toward others.

We want freedom, but these freedoms are destroying lives. They are destroying the future of mankind and very few seem to care.

Do what you want, but if it’s merely to suit your own selfish desires (whatever they may be), don’t force the rest of the world to deal with it. Life is not all about you.

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11 Responses to Our Selfish World

  1. Amen! I feel the same way

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  2. A.PROMPTreply says:

    My goodness….you are wound up about this and rightly so! Too few of us speak up in the face of such abject selfishness….well done of you for putting it out there!


  3. April says:

    I wish I had more to add, but you seem to have summed it up quite well.


  4. Sign me up, I will work on your campaign. And vote for you.


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