The Anti-Vanity Pill


Are you plagued by a thin body, a great complexion, and the ideal facial shape? Don’t worry! There’s a pill for that. Corticosteroids will have you looking plump, blemished and moon-faced in no time!

Oh wait! There’s more! If you’re worried that these results will go away as soon as you stop taking the pills, worry no more. They won’t. These results will last for days, weeks, and maybe even months.

Will you get your money’s worth? Oh yes! And then some.

Corticosteroids – the anti-vanity pill, is available at a pharmacy near you. With a prescription from your doctor, you can be well on your way to the new plump, blemished and moon-faced you.

With all kidding/ranting aside…

This drug, straight from the underworld, certainly has its dreaded side effects, but it also saves lives. Obviously, being alive is more important and the preferred choice.

Also…the side effects (most of them) do eventually go away and you will get back to your old, but healthier self. So if you’re taking this dreadful drug, hang in there. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and best of all, you’ll be alive to see it.

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14 Responses to The Anti-Vanity Pill

  1. Doobster418 says:

    Um, is this a pill you are taking? What is its intended purpose (other than keeping one alive)?


  2. I’m glad it’s there to save a life. I’d rather see the face plumped up and moon faced, than not see it at all. I hope this means you’re feeling better!


  3. With mom’s autoimmune issues she’s frequently on steroids and has the same issues, it’s so frustrating!


  4. April says:

    I’m on a new med for my head that is supposed to cause weight gain. It’s a lifesaver for me, and you will probably see me next year as one of the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade balloons.


  5. Prednisone. Love it. Hate it. I look like a chipmunk. A very hungry chipmunk.


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