The Perfect Place


Why choose between living near the beach, in the mountains, or nestled in the forest when you can have all three? If I were to build my dream home, it would be tucked into the trees of a mountainside, with the sound of the ocean in the distance.

My home would have bay windows, a gourmet kitchen, and a wrap around porch with a porch swing built by my father. Out back would be a horse stable to house my two horses, and lots of land for them to roam and play.

All of this would be surrounded with the wonderful smells, sights and sounds of nature, peace, quiet and seclusion.

I found the land for my dream home once, many years ago. It was perfect. Just as mentioned here, it had it all; mountains, forest and ocean. But I was so fascinated by the road trip that I was taking, that I didn’t take note of its exact location. So for years I’ve looked for it (Google earth is a great tool), and have been unable to find it again.

At first I was disappointed, convinced that one day that land would be mine, but since then I’ve decided that there may be a more ideal place out there for me. One I would like better, even more perfect than the first.

There are so many unique regions here in America, many of which I’ve visited just in the past few years. They may not have all of the elements I’d prefer, but they sure are beautiful nonetheless.

Alaska is gorgeous. Northern Wisconsin is breathtaking. New York state is stunning, Pennsylvania is beautiful, and so are the the Ozarks in Arkansas. There are so many places to choose from when deciding where to build a dream home.

However, as much as I like the east coast it would not be my top choice. The tolls are ridiculous and so is the traffic. I enjoy being able to drive from city to city without having to pay, and without constant bumper to bumper traffic. For that reason, I’m definitely more of a central/southern/western US type of girl.

So where would I choose to build my dream home now? I have no idea, but I’d rather not have to decide between the beach, forests and the mountains. Just give me all three and I’ll be happy.


This post is in response The Daily Post Prompt: Places

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

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27 Responses to The Perfect Place

  1. Lol, no desire to live out East – heck, I don’t even desire to visit it! But I love that you’ve used Google Earth to try and find that dream house!


    • mewhoami says:

      I completely understand that. It was fun to visit, but I sure wouldn’t want to live there. Yes, Google Earth is great! It’s so neat what you can find and see on there.


  2. While I can’t actually see the beach from my house, I do live a 5 minute drive from the beach and a 15 minute drive from a ski hill. There are miles of trails to run on in my backyard yet I am a 20 minute drive from a metropolitan city centre. Sure, it rains a LOT here but it’s my idea of heaven on earth.


  3. tric says:

    I love where I live. It’s a village with farmland around yet schools and shops beside us. I can go for a walk and not meet a car. The beach is seven minutes away but the sea is only two minutes drive.
    However my heaven on earth is Allihies in West Cork Ireland, nowhere comes close. .


    • mewhoami says:

      I’ve never even heard of that place, but now that I have Allihies is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing that link. That looks ideal. One more reason for me to go to Ireland. The place where you currently live sounds wonderful too, very peaceful.


  4. You just described my dream home…


  5. April says:

    Your dream home sounds perfect!


  6. Cheers to that! If we get to dream, why do we have to limit ourselves?


  7. My husband and I found a place like that mountains in the distance spotted gums and the ocean in your front yard. In Australia there are many little towns that are still peaceful and full of nature. So I hold onto that dream that one day I will go there.


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  10. Shareen HD says:

    All the places you listed as beautiful were in the USA… Would you not leave the USA to find that perfect place?
    Found you from the Daily Prompt & Blogging 101

    Shareen HD
    A Moment For Me Blog


  11. Claudiu C. says:

    That’s very weird, not remembering where a place you visited was. I mean I don’t blame you, but I think I would remember, at least roughly, where each place I visited was.


    • mewhoami says:

      I like your honesty. 🙂 I remember the region, but not the exact spot. Even though I can picture it clearly in my mind, I have been unable to find that exact location.


      • Claudiu C. says:

        I will always be 100% straight forward and honest.
        Maybe it was just not meant to be and you will find a much better place instead.
        You are lucky that you can even consider to search for your perfect spot and to go for it, but I also think you are courageous, so I applaud you.


        • mewhoami says:

          That’s a great quality to have. That’s what I’m thinking to. There must be a better, more ideal place out there for me. Well, I may be able to consider it, but can I talk my family into moving there with me? That’s the question. 🙂 I love being courageous!


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