Henry Saw it All

Crime Scene

This post is in response to a fellow blogger’s writing challenge. Doobster, having written an excellent piece of flash fiction for SoCS last weekend, left us hanging with no ending. (You can read Part 1 here.) Of course, that got many of his readers wondering what the ending would be, so he decided to let us write one. With that said, this is how I think the rest of the story went.

“Alright son. Calm down. First, tell me your name,” said Officer Morrisey.

While balancing on his toes trying to see what was going on behind the police barricade, the young boy answered, “My name is Henry, Sir.”

“Okay Henry. Now tell me what happened,” the officer kindly requested.

“Yes Sir. You see, I was walking with Ralphie and stuck my hand in my pocket. When I did, I found a dollar bill that I forgot was in there. It was really crispy! Have you ever held a really crispy dollar bill?” Henry excitedly asked him.

“No,” Officer Morrisey said, shaking his head. “Henry, we just need to know what you saw.”

“Okay. So, I had the crispy dollar bill in my hand and remembered that we had passed a candy store on the corner. I was sure they’d have my favorite kind. Mmm…caramel. What’s your favorite candy?” Henry asked the officer.

Lowering his eyebrows, Officer Morrisey stared at Henry and waited for him to continue.

“Oh. You must not like candy. Well anyway, since Ralphie was texting on his phone I didn’t think he’d notice if I ran to the candy store real quick. When I got inside, they had all kinds of candy! I’ve never seen that much candy in my life!” Henry shouted smiling from ear to ear.

“Henry, please. Just get to the part where you saw what happened.” Officer Morrisey demanded.

Bowing his head, Henry replied, “Yes Sir. Sorry Sir. After I bought my candy, I walked back outside. That’s when I saw it. I saw the whole thing!”

“Good Henry. Now what exactly did you see?” Officer Morrisey asked, trying to calm himself.

Henry started bouncing around. “I saw everything! An ambulance came from that street over there,” Henry said, pointing to the left. “Then four or five cop cars came from that street,” he said pointing to the right. “Then, I heard a siren and a firetruck flew around the corner, right in front of me!” Henry exclaimed.

Officer Morrisey’s face turned red with anger, “Henry, that’s all very good information. But, I need to know what happened to the woman. What did you see?”

“Oh yeah! The woman! I saw one of the ambulance guys run over to her. He started pushing on her chest really hard and blowing into her mouth!” Henry answered.

Officer Morrisey took a deep breath. “That’s called CPR, Henry. But, what happened to the woman before that?”

“I don’t know. That’s all I saw.”

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9 Responses to Henry Saw it All

  1. Doobster418 says:

    So Henry really didn’t see what happen to the woman, only what happened afterwords. Clever take. Thanks for running with it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. JoAnne says:

    Great perspective! I really like the way Ralph’s texting gave Henry the out to go for the candy.


  3. Hahahaha! Henry, Henry! I love it!!!


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