One Second is All it Takes


She stepped off the sidewalk, not realizing that a bus was speeding toward her.

Having lived in this city for several years, my mother and I had never strolled downtown together. So during one of her visits, we decided to do just that. After finding a parking spot and putting money in the meter, we walked to our first destination. A coffee shop, of course.

With coffee in hand, we began our stroll. In and out of shops we went, occasionally sitting on benches along the way to ‘people watch.’ The folks downtown can be very unique; wearing scuba fins, clown outfits, yelling at invisible beings, and then of course the many homeless people going about their daily business. There’s never a dull moment in the city.

The day was going just as we had planned, which really meant no plan at all, only to enjoy each others company. As always when we’re together, my mother and I were carried away in conversation and laughter as we walked down the sidewalk.

We were nearing the mid-way point of the main strip during one of our laughing fits. My mother laughed herself right off the sidewalk. While laughing with her, I glanced up.

Much to my horror, there was a bus racing toward her, only a few feet away. It’s not exactly a place where one would think to watch out for buses, so she had no idea. But there it came, right behind her. Without a thought, I reached out, grabbed her arm and pulled her back onto the sidewalk. Just as her second foot touched down, the bus rushed by, leaving a frightening chill in its place.

For a moment, time stood still. Neither of us breathing and both of us in shock. After the full realization of what had just happened hit us, we took a deep breath and hugged each other tightly. A hug full of appreciation, love and tremendous relief, knowing that the outcome could have been much different had there been even a second of hesitation.

I will be forever grateful that my mother and I were able to drive home together that day. Had that moment played out any differently, I may have went home alone.

One second is all it takes to change a person’s life forever.



This post is in response to The Daily Post prompt: Daring Do

Also a part of  JusJoJan, hosted by LindaGHill.


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24 Responses to One Second is All it Takes

  1. markbialczak says:

    Damn straight, Me Who. Never hesitate. Happy New Year.


  2. That is just terrifying. So glad this was the story I got to read, instead of something horrible.


  3. One second or five minutes — as highlighted in my latest post. Moments such as the one you and your mother experienced are awakenings and reminders. We need to live every moment consciously and fully. Glad both of you were/are safe!


    • mewhoami says:

      They certainly are. Each moment of every day should count and should be lived to the best of our ability and never taken for granted, for we never know when it will be our last. Thank you!

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  4. A.PROMPTreply says:

    OMG. You’ll probably never get rid of those shivers! Well done you…you just paid your mother back for keeping you safe all those years when you were young and kept your best friend from leaving you too early! Someone put an angel on your shoulder!


    • mewhoami says:

      That’s a great way to put it. In comparison to all she’s done for me, that was only a small portion of what I owe her. To this day, that moment still shakes me and her both.


  5. Doobster418 says:

    Wow, what a close call. Good that you looked over in time to see the bus on its way and had the presence of mind to pull your mother back onto the sidewalk. Good for you — and for your mother.


  6. DailyMusings says:

    Oh that is just too scary- it must have replayed in your mind over and over- the what if. So amazing your reflexes were so good, thankfully


  7. pardenme says:

    I have thanked God so many times for giving you a sharp mind and amazing relfexes that day, sweet girl of mine. I love you forever.


  8. Dave says:

    The moment you described so well helps to put all the others in focus, doesn’t it?

    Very nice.


  9. This brings home lessons my martial arts instructor drilled and drilled. You cannot hesitate. Ever.

    Your instincts and love for your mom were all you needed. My gut is still hurting from reading that.


    • mewhoami says:

      Hesitation can mean the difference between life and death, which became very real to me that day. You’re right. I believe that with my love for her, I could do many things that I otherwise couldn’t.

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  10. Glynis Jolly says:

    I’m so glad you reacted instead of just yelling. Moms are precious.


  11. Cindi says:

    Oh wow. My heart stopped as I read this. So glad to read the ending that I did.


  12. suzjones says:

    It doesn’t take long at all to lose someone you love. Just another moment on the ticking clock of our lives really.
    Glad your story turned out well.


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