Cherished Getaway


Grabbing my cup of coffee, I walk through the kitchen toward the front door. Opening it, I am welcomed with the voices of birds as they sing to the rising sun.

The sky is spread out for miles, painted with vivid variations of pink and purple. I stand in awe at the beauty of the sunrise. As I take my seat on the porch swing, I run my fingers across the cracked stained wood, wondering how many others have sat here enjoying the view as I am now.

Placing my coffee on the tall table to my left, I set my gaze below, where the lush forest marches its way down the hill on every side until the trees fade into fields of green. Far off in the distance, appearing as only a puddle of water, is a lake reflecting the sun’s early rays.

The sound of nature fills the silence, and I take a deep breath as happiness consumes me. For years I had been envisioning this special getaway and now it is finally here. I pick up my coffee, take a sip, and hear the floor creaking from inside the cabin.

A few minutes later, the screen door opens. With a smile spreading across my face, I look toward the door as my sister steps out onto the porch. She walks over with a little hop in her step and takes a seat next to me on the swing.

With unspoken joy we gently sway on the porch swing, side by side. This is our time. A cherished and long awaited time, just her and I. With our coffee in hand and no place to be, we look out over the picturesque landscape.

sisters quote

When today’s Writing 101 assignment asked for us to write about a place that we would go to right now, my answer was easy. Right now this is only a dream of mine, but one day I hope that it will become a reality. Nothing can compare to sister-time and no one can ever replace them.

“Our paths may change as life goes along, but the bond between us remains ever strong.”

This is second assignment for Writing 101 hosted by The Daily Post.

Assignment: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

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18 Responses to Cherished Getaway

  1. Aewl says:

    Very good at showing the scene. I could almost picture it in my mind. I may steal the part where you said “a lake reflecting the sun’s early rays”.


  2. Vivian Choi says:

    Awesome! 🙂


  3. Sounds like a beautiful place and sister time a bonus. Hope it becomes reality 😉


  4. Beautiful and very vivid writing. I enjoyed the view from the porch and could feel the environment around me through this post. Nice. I, however, was jolted out of this experience when I read “…happiness boiling over.” I felt the verb boiling could have been replaced with another one that had more position connotation. I, too, ha published a post on this topic. If you read please share your thoughts. Thanks!


  5. pardenme says:

    You are so right. It will happen. It must happen. Miles, no matter how many, cannot separate the loving bond between sisters. I love you both.


  6. suzjones says:

    I never had a sister so I can only imagine your feelings. Sounds wonderful.


  7. jingdleon says:

    I had sisters but we never really had time like this. Just occurred to me to write something like this and send it to her while we still have the time and enjoy our togetherness virtually. It pays to read articles here. That was eye opening.


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