That’s My Hourly Rate?


The other morning I woke up and excitedly drove across town to attend a job interview. Upon arriving, I was a bit surprised at how small the office was, but having worked in a small company before I didn’t let that deter me. After all, there is nothing better than helping a company go from small and unknown to successful.

Once inside, I was immediately greeted by the business owner’s wife. She led me to her office and began the interview. It went great. So great in fact, that she hired me on the spot! To finalize the process, she handed me a document to sign. On the document was my hourly rate. $6.30 an hour. Needless to say, I was not happy.

“Ma’am I’m sorry, but I can’t take this job if that’s all you’re going to pay me. That’s a huge pay cut from all of my previous jobs.”

With a deep sigh, she called her husband into the office. They stood in the corner of the room and quietly discussed the matter. After a few moments she raised her voice to where I could clearly hear her. “Are you sure about that? Can we afford to pay that much? Have you checked the budget? Okay, if you say so.”

At this point, I got a little excited. I was thinking, if the increase is so much that she had to ask if they could afford it, then it had to be a lot.

Walking back to her desk, she placed the document down and crossed out the old rate and replaced it with the new one. She then turned around and handed it back to me. Anticipating a much higher rate of pay, I happily took the document from her and immediately scanned down to see the new rate.

$6.50 an hour! A whole 20 cents? Seriously? With that, I shook my head and apologized to them for wasting their time (and mine) and walked out.

Then, I woke up. It was only a dream. What a relief!

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15 Responses to That’s My Hourly Rate?

  1. Uh…yeah! Especially since that was no where near the “min wage” LOL! Glad it was only a dream! 😀


  2. Haha that’s hilarious! You had me goin there for a second…also glad it was just a dream!


  3. DailyMusings says:

    I got so upset at the thought that someone would offer a wage like that… now that is really a bad dream! Glad it was only a dream 🙂


  4. April says:

    I was going to tell you to look for jobs in the Seattle area. I hear McDonalds workers get paid $15.00/hour.


    • mewhoami says:

      Wow! Really? At McDonalds? I never would have thought fast food workers would get paid that much. That’s great though. They probably deserve it since they have to put up with a bunch of not-so-pleasant people all day.


      • April says:

        I guess there is such a brouhaha over this vote to increase the wages. I think it is mainly near the airport, but I don’t know, I don’t follow it very closely. I do know that Washington has the highest minimum wage though. It’s over $9.00/hour is most places. Georgia barely covers the Federal Minimum Wage.


  5. suzjones says:

    That’s not good at all. Glad it was a dream. In my last place of employment our base (minimum) wage under the award we were working on is about $18 an hour. I was on much higher than that. Still kicking myself for giving up a good wage some days.


    • mewhoami says:

      Minimum wage of $18 an hour is very good. In the state I live in, the min wage is $8 an hour. Thankfully, I don’t think I’ve ever made near that. Maybe as a teen. Good wages can be hard to find, but if people are diligent they can get there.


  6. HOLY MOLY! I was stunned! You got me good! 🙂 Thank heavens for dreams!


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