A New Perspective

Image Credit: Helen Boyd

Image Credit: Helen Boyd

She had to clear her head. Her world had been turned upside down. Even though it didn’t all happen overnight, it certainly felt like it. In reality, it had been a slow a process, one she knew was happening, but never took the time to face. Now, she was overwhelmed by it all and had no idea where to turn.

All she knew, was that she had to get away. Surely if she left, her problems would stay behind her. She raced to the car and took off. After driving for hours, she saw the sun reflecting off a beautiful lake in the distance. “I’ll stop there for a while.”

She parked her car off the side of the road and began making her way through tall grass and thick bushes. The thorns scratched her skin as she passed by, but the pain on her body was nothing compared to the pain within her. She pressed on, pushing bushes out of her way and tripping over the rocks that were hidden below them.

Finally, she reached the edge of the lake. The scenery was breathtaking, as the setting sun shined down upon her surroundings. “This is the perfect spot,” she thought as she took a seat on the sand that encompassed the lake.

While sitting there, she listened to the birds in the trees, and the rustling of the bushes where hidden critters had made their home. This was their territory, but for a moment, it was also hers. As she breathed in the fresh air of the unpolluted landscape, her body slowly relaxed.

She began examining her thoughts, trying to piece together what had brought her to this point in her life. “Maybe I should keep running, but what am I running from?” Everyone loved her and treated her well. They had done her no wrong. So why was she running?

Her attention was diverted, as a bird flew over the lake.”What a wonderful thing it must be, to be free.” That was it! That’s what she wanted. Freedom. Freedom from responsibilities and from having to answer to others. All of her responsibilities seemed to have been thrown on her all at once. She went from having freedom to do and go as she desired, to having a life that was unfamiliar to her.

Her entire life had been lived in a way that was comfortable. The security she had always felt, was found in her routines. Everything had a place, a time and a reason. Her place, time and reason. She controlled her life and that control was what made her comfortable.

Now that her life included others, she no longer had that same control. It was now shared among her family, superiors, and friends; everyone having their own part.

“Is having freedom more important than the wonderful people in my life? Aren’t they worth the sacrifices I must make?” Then she thought about her future. “In ten years from now, what would I prefer? Freedom, knowing that I left everyone I loved, and who loved me, behind to gain it? Or, a few sacrifices and a loving family by my side?”

She realized that she had been looking at her life from the wrong perspective. It wasn’t a bad life that she had, but she was making it that way. By focusing on her loss of freedom, she had been making her life miserable. When it really came down to it, she wasn’t running from problems. She was running from herself.

With a new perspective, she rose from her seat in the sand. Walking back to the car, she could feel that a heavy weight had been lifted. She could also feel all the painful scratches on her skin from angrily pushing through the bushes earlier. The surface pain was worth it though, because now her inner pain was gone.

With a smile on her face, she excitedly drove home to begin her new life, with new eyes.

When life gets hard, sometimes all we need is a new perspective.

This post was inspired by the life of someone, who will likely never read it.

It is also a response to Cognitive Reflection’s picture prompt.

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11 Responses to A New Perspective

  1. Yes, to see our life in a new perspective can change a lot. Great post as made me think 🙂


  2. I like that she was willing to suffer pain to work through her pain. I hope the one who needs it, reads it.


  3. suzjones says:

    Did you find what you were looking for?


  4. April says:

    So true. It’s easy to get stuck. A new perspective is the best way—I see that now, myself.


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