Phone Voices Can Be Deceiving

blind date

Blind dates. Many of us have had them, and others are thankful that they never did. Sometimes those dates can be great, but more times than not, they are disappointing.

Over one phone chat or several, we hear our date’s voice and with that small bit of detail, our imagination forms a picture of what they look like. A perfect fit for us, we think. The excitement is overwhelming as the day arrives for us to meet them. Then, in a moments time, our excitement is crushed. We see them and realize that they are nothing like what we had imagined.

What do we do? Do we stay and play nice, or fake an emergency call and run out the door never to see them again?

When I was a teenager, I came face to face with that decision. A girlfriend of mine had set me up with a guy she knew. Through her, he and I exchanged phone numbers. Over the course of the next few weeks, we spoke on the phone every day. Our phone conversations would go on for hours, as I listened to his deep voice and his sweet words. Everything he said, made me blush with excitement. I couldn’t wait to meet him.

Finally, after weeks of talking over the phone, the day came for us to meet. As he rounded the corner, I could not believe my eyes. He was nothing like I had pictured in my mind.

Although people should be able to look beyond the exterior and see the person within, I was only a teenager. Most teens haven’t yet grasp the concept of ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts.’ Even still, I contemplated what to do. After all, he was very kind and sincere. He made me laugh constantly, and I felt very comfortable talking with him. Aside from his appearance, he was a great catch.

Even so, I’m ashamed to admit, the superficial side of me took over. After moments of contemplation, my decision was made, and I came up with a plan of escape. We chatted for a while, as I kindly smiled and laughed with him. Eventually our first meeting came to an end. He happily headed home, saying that he would call me once he got there.

An hour later, my phone rang. It was time to initiate my plan. With faked sadness, I answered the phone. “My parents said that you are too old for me. I can’t date you. I’m sorry.” Being that he was only a few months older than me, he couldn’t understand why my parents would say such a thing. “They’re very strict,” I told him.

He bought it! That was the end of that. Even though I felt guilty for lying, I was also filled with a great sense of relief.

We did remain friends, and as fate would have it, a couple years later we were dating. The years changed us both, in different ways. Our relationship still ended after a few years, but I did learn a valuable lesson.

The pages inside the book are more important than its cover.


Two prompts in one.

This post is a part of the Daily Post prompt: Worlds Colliding and Binding Judgment.

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31 Responses to Phone Voices Can Be Deceiving

  1. tenderlytina says:

    Thank goodness for Skype, it helps those kinds of problems go away. I use it and encourage my kids to do so as well.


    • mewhoami says:

      That would have been a great tool, but unfortunately that wasn’t available back then. If it had been though, I would have missed out on a great friendship, as we’re still friends today.


  2. CharleneMcD says:

    I get told all the time that my phone voice sounds like a child’s voice. I hate to say it but I take advantage of that sometimes when those network telemarketers call. 9 times out of 10 they will ask for my parent and I will tell them that they aren’t home right now. So very bad of me but I don’t have to be rude to them that way. P.S. I am 47 years old, my parents haven’t been home with me for a long time.


  3. You learned a good lesson πŸ™‚
    When we grow older we learn to look more inside new people.


  4. LOL! I have a very sexy phone voice. Well, I have a very sexy voice (it’s not on purpose), but it is very deceiving!!!


  5. Khai says:

    Hah! Did you ever tell him the truth??


  6. suzjones says:

    Very cool post. I often used to tell my co-worker that with her voice, she should work in the ‘adult’ industry. It really was funny watching men’s reactions to her voice sometimes. (btw she looked nothing like her voice).


    • mewhoami says:

      I strongly believe that most of those adult phone numbers have ‘surprises’ on the other end of the line. Sometimes it’s better that a man not see who he’s talking to. Your co-worker could probably make a good living off of it. πŸ™‚


  7. Makes me think of times I have been superficial. Sadly not everyone learns from experiences like this. I appreciate your lesson, and sharing it. Even once learned, a good reminder course never hurts.


    • mewhoami says:

      You’re right that many don’t learn. Some people remain superficial throughout their entire life. It’s sad. They are missing out on so many wonderful friendships.


  8. Sammy D. says:

    I’ve had two of those … Great long phone calls followed by one “no spark” meeting in person and one “spark” meeting. Always amazing to see what our mind conjures vs. reality!


  9. Grannymar says:

    I love the line ‘The pages inside the book are more important than its cover.’ I may well use it!

    I have had several so called ‘blind dates’, thankfully they worked out well. No long romances, just fun evenings.


  10. April says:

    I loved the last sentence too. I try to find a sexy male voice for my gps–usually one with an accent, and I laugh my silly head off when it says Doctor, instead of Drive.


    • mewhoami says:

      Thank you, April. Even a bland speaking man would be better than the annoying lady I normally hear on those things. Doctor – ha! That would make it interesting.


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  14. litadoolan says:

    Great post. I like the twist at the end!


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