We’re All Teachers


Each of us has an expiration date. We may not have control over when or how our life will end, but we do have control over how we live in the meantime. When our time comes, what kind of example will we leave behind? What lessons did our life teach?

Some may think, “I’ll be gone. Why will it matter?” That’s the wrong attitude to have. Life isn’t all about us. It’s about how we touched others, what we taught them, and how we helped our fellow man. It’s about the impact we made during our time here, and the example that we left for future generations to follow.

We may not all be able to change the world, but we each have a circle of influence. In that circle is our family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and even our enemies.

Our actions, responses to situations and our words, have a much greater impact than many people realize. The fact is, we’re all teachers. There’s always someone watching us, whether it be a child or a stranger. The question is, what are we teaching them?

Are we teaching others kindness, respect and love? Or, are we teaching them selfishness and to hate?

How do we raise our children? Do we teach them morals and values? Are they taught to be achievers, to have goals and to be self-sufficient? Or, are they taught to be takers, living off of others?

How do we treat our spouses? Do we love them, honor them, and show them the kindness that they deserve?

Do we respect the elderly? They’ve lived long lives, which has given them many valuable lessons to teach. Do we listen and learn from them, or do we toss them to the wayside?

How is our work ethic? Are we hard workers, who endeavor to advance to greater positions, or do we merely show up for the paycheck?

Do we handle our daily responsibilities? Or, are we lazy and pass them off to someone else, or not accomplish them at all?

Are we forgivers of those who hurt us, or do we hold grudges? Are we critical, judgmental, or prejudice against specific groups of people? Are we easily angered? Do we allow our temper to flare in front of others?

In our answers to those questions, we will find the lessons that we are teaching to others. Are they good ones, worthy of being passed on to those around us, and to future generations?

Remember, there is always someone watching. Therefore, we must be mindful of the lessons we’re teaching them. Let’s teach them well.

thank you

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17 Responses to We’re All Teachers

  1. Doobster418 says:

    “Remember, there is always someone watching.” Yeah, and these days it’s likely to be the NSA…watching, reading, listening! 🙂


  2. April says:

    I hope I appear to be teaching as well as I think I am.


  3. Such beautiful words and intriguing questions. You hit the nail right on the head with this one. Such a wonderful reminder for those of us that forget just how important we really are 😉


  4. This is a really good an important post. We need to remember that we are many souls here and we can help each other in many ways. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. lunatique77 says:

    It’s amazing how you put my iwn thoughts into words. I was talking to a friend ealier tonight and told her that in my opinion, the only meaning of life is learning. But I guess this implies teaching, too, just like others teach us. Good post!


  6. suzjones says:

    Have you ever been to the funeral of someone who was a difficult person to love? Someone who was harsh and critical for their whole life? Where no family member wishes to give the eulogy and it is left to the funeral director? It truly is a sad thing to see.


    • mewhoami says:

      Interesting that you say this. This original title for this post was, “Your Eulogy.” Yes, it is very sad. I’ve been to a couple of those. What will be said when I’m gone, has been on my mind a lot lately. I would like to think that people will say more than “she was a good woman.”


  7. This made me stop and think about what I was teaching and I realized from some of your statements that I still have more to learn. Well done.


  8. Luke says:

    I love that saying, “Remember, there is always someone watching”. Great post.


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