Tribute To True Friendship

friendsThroughout our lives, we meet many wonderful people who we call ‘friend’. Some stay for a while and others, only for a short time. What I’ve learned is that, out of all of those friendships, rarely does a person ever find that one true friend.

A true friend is someone who regardless of circumstance, never leaves your side. The friend that doesn’t judge you, but loves you unconditionally. They are the one person who you confide in. You trust them, and they you.

They are the friend who you rejoice with in the good times, and cry with when times get hard. When you think of them, what you want most, is for them to be happy. When they smile, you smile.

The bond between you is not only visible to the naked eye, but it can also be felt. They are a part of you. Their presence in your life is a significant piece of who you are, one in which nothing could replace.

Distance is no barrier and time is nothing to fear. Your friendship doesn’t require constant contact. You’re comfortable with the silence.

My mother once told me (I’m paraphrasing), “A friendship like that is rare. Very few people ever get a chance to experience that. It is truly a gift, something to be highly treasured.” She was right. Many people never find that one true friend. It is rare.

If you have found that friend, consider yourself very lucky. I don’t have to ask you to cherish them, because you already do.

What an amazing gift it is, to have such a friendship.

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13 Responses to Tribute To True Friendship

  1. So very, very true! I only have a couple of true friends, and I’ll be honest, we all work very hard to stay close, to make time for each other, because it is too easy to let friendships fade away!


    • mewhoami says:

      Sometimes it does take work. I think even more than work, it takes an equal amount of love, appreciation and respect on both sides. We don’t want those special friendships to fade.


  2. suzjones says:

    My GG is that best friend. What you wrote describes us perfectly. 🙂


  3. I’ve been very lucky in regards to friends. No matter where I’ve gone in life, there has always been one there. It is a great gift.


  4. I don’t have a friend like that but I have always longed for one


  5. iyaya10 says:

    I’m fighting this battle myself and have recently realized that I have only one true friend … Simultaneously realizing how blessed I am to even have that:) thanks for sharing!


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