Opinion – Female Police Officers

Now days women are getting jobs that they never would have gotten years ago. They are politicians, EMT personnel, lawyers, firefighters, police officers and military personnel. Overall, this is wonderful. Women should have all the same rights as men do.

However, there are some jobs that I personally do not feel that women should be allowed to do. There are some jobs that require the intimidation of a man. Two of these are law enforcement and the military (specifically those who are engaged in combat). In a perfect world we wouldn’t need intimidating people in these positions, but unfortunately we don’t live in a peace loving world.

As a woman, I can honestly say that I am much less intimidated by a woman than by a man. If I am not intimidated by a woman, then why on earth would a man be?

Driving down the highway yesterday, I watched as a female state patrol officer climbed out of her vehicle to approach another car. Not only do I feel that it was incredibly unwise for her to be alone, but it’s also unwise to have a woman in that position in the first place. A simple traffic stop could easily (and has many times) turn into a physical altercation or shoot out.

I’m not against women’s rights. I am a woman. But, I feel that there are some jobs that a woman simply should not do. Both law enforcement and the military (those in combat) need someone who is a threat to the enemy.

Unfortunately, when a woman is seen in that position, she is immediately viewed as weak. That’s nothing against her personally. It’s merely the natural view of a female. Again, I’m all for women’s rights, but I do feel that there should be limits in place.

To be fair, there are many jobs a man shouldn’t do also. In my opinion, child daycare centers is one of them. This opinion is based off my own personal experiences. I admit that some men are wonderful with children, even better than women at times and my opinion is unfair to the good men out there. Unfortunately, a bad apple can sometimes ruin the tree.

So, what do you think? Are there certain jobs that only certain people should do?

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34 Responses to Opinion – Female Police Officers

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  2. I agree…all but a very few women don’t have what it takes to kill people and break stuff…or keep you from breaking stuff. I think the social experimenters in our government need to get a life—somewhere else!!!! πŸ™‚


  3. That was awesome, I think you’re quite right. Another problem is that women can be unpredictable, fearful. A suspect is also unpredictable and fearful. So now you’ve got two jumpy people hyping up the situation, when what we really want is to de-escalate the potential violence.


    • mewhoami says:

      That’s an excellent point. I didn’t even think of that. Not all women are jumpy, but the majority are, and that would be a bad mix in an already bad situation.


  4. Teela Hart says:

    At the risk of being shunned by women everywhere, I agree. Specifically with the military. The enemy knows that a man will go the extra mile for the woman and will use her to lure our men in and snipe them off, one by one.


  5. Doobster418 says:

    You’re not watching enough TV crime dramas. πŸ™‚ There are some hard-as-nails women as cops, detectives, and even in the military. If a woman knows what she’s doing and receives the proper training, I don’t see why she couldn’t function quite effectively in law enforcement and the military.

    But you’re right about men working at child daycare centers. Eew!


  6. Oh trust me, I know plenty of intimidating women and not intimidating men. It depends on the person and their qualifications if they get the job, that woman had to prove she could handle herself in those situations. Underestimating people based on your own (perhaps subconscious biases) poses more of a threat to you then them.


    • mewhoami says:

      You got me there. I’ve known plenty of non-intimidating men too.

      As far as women go, it’s not a matter of underestimating their ability. It’s a matter of whether or not a man, especially a criminal, would be intimidated by her. She could have great abilities and be well trained for the position, but if the criminal isn’t intimidated or fearful of her, then it could hinder her success in the situation.


  7. I came very very close to becoming a cop. Daughter of a cop, too. I am always the person to run toward an accident rather than away – even if it is a stranger bleeding heavily, or a truck potentially about to catch fire. It’s my nature – very calm when it is a serious situation. Those are good cop qualities. But I would NOT be a good cop because I get really angry when treated poorly, which is something every officer, male or female, has to deal with. The ones who are bad at dealing with abuse use their intimidating weapons, the good ones use people skills. I think women are better at that then men, usually.

    Police here don’t have guns. They get more respect than fear given to them, because they are very, very good at shutting a bad situation down.

    Sure, a traffic stop in the USA is dangerous for the police officer. A domestic dispute is a lot worse, however. I don’t see why I couldn’t do the first alone, and the second with a partner (as you should). A traffic stop isn’t about intimidation – and it really shouldn’t be! If that is the way all police behave nowadays then that tactic should change, immediately, no matter the gender. The staties are very well trained – and tested – and wouldn’t be out there alone if they weren’t up to it. Don’t you think any woman applying for the has to be twice as good just to be hired? Usually men in charge of that, and they don’t want any weak officers. It makes them look bad, too, when one is injured or killed by a member of the public.

    You wonder if there are men in the military doing stupid stuff to save one of their fellow soldiers. Of course there are. It doesn’t matter one damn bit what gender they are – they are all ‘brothers in arms’ and the solidarity is unbelievable. It’s actually pretty terrible to think a male soldier would do less for another man of his unit than he would for a woman. What truly IS bad is all the rape that goes on when there isn’t any fighting. Again, it seems that it is the men who need the attitude adjustment.

    I don’t know much about kids, but I don’t see any reason a man shouldn’t take care of them. Why not? It surely can’t be because all men are child molesters. I know few parents, but one couple has a man who would LOVE to stay home with his three kids instead of work, and he would be great with other kids, too.

    Hmm. What do I think isn’t possible by gender? Not much. No job is for everyone, of course. I know attorneys who can’t change a tire, and mechanics who can’t upload a computer file. Women who can’t sew and men who can’t lift heavy things. But if you can do it, and want to do it, it should never be denied you because of the gender you were born with.


    • mewhoami says:

      I do understand your point. There are some people regardless of gender, who are better at things that others aren’t. However, I’ve seen some men who have excellent people skills and women who have none.

      In regard to the military, I didn’t say that they would do less for another man. But, most men will automatically jump in front of a woman to save her. Yes, he will likely do that for another man too, but natural instinct may come into play when a woman is involved. But, either way yes he will protect both genders.

      The daycare center may just be a personal preference of mine. There are wonderful fathers out there. Although I shouldn’t make it an around the board generalization of men, I wouldn’t want a strange man watching my child. It could be due to my own past experiences, but I just don’t feel comfortable with it. That’s my own personal preference. I know – women can do bad things too.

      I agree that if a person has a desire to do something then nothing should stand in their way. If they want to be a cop, lawyer or in the military then go for it. I just don’t believe that it’s a good idea. Again, that’s my personal opinion. Some share it and others don’t and that’s to be expected. Opinion pieces are always interesting. πŸ™‚


    • chazvincent1 says:

      The concern isn’t that the men wouldn’t be aggressive enough, fast enough if a woman was in danger, it’s that they would be overly bold. “Get the girl” is a trope for a reason. Also fraternization can lead to jealousy which tends to destroy unit cohesion. Also women’s bodies suffer far worse the effects of the prolonged lifting and marching that characterizes combat. The only practical reason I can see for putting women into combat would be if you ran out of able bodied men.

      Aside from that nit-pick, I very much agree with what you’re saying.


  8. April says:

    I love that you take on the controversial topics. πŸ˜€ It may be just me, but anyone with a gun intimidates me, male or female. As far as police officers, I don’t really look at that job as one of intimidation. It’s a person who enforces our laws. Most of us grow up to abide by the laws, but there are the few who take another path. I don’t think these people are intimidated by either sex. I have no opinion about the military, except they are also standing with a gun in combat–if a woman chooses that as her vocation, I’m totally fine with it. Also, if you have ever seen me really mad, you just might change your mind.


    • April says:

      OH! And as for the man thing…I have seen some dads who put some moms to shame. They can be just as patient, loving, nurturing, and wonderful teachers. I see no problem with a man taking care of my child…providing he has to go through the same background check as the women do.


      • mewhoami says:

        That is true. You’re absolutely right. I think for me, it’s just a personal preference due to past experiences. The idea of a strange man (background check and all) watching my child is just unnerving to me.


    • mewhoami says:

      I don’t know…I’m getting some very interesting responses to this one. It’s a good way to make enemies I think. haha. Seriously though, most people are pretty mature when it comes to opinionated topics whether they agree or not, which makes it nice.

      You made a good point about if the lawbreaker not caring what gender it is. You’re right. Most don’t. However, with that said, if I were a criminal I would be more likely to stand down to a man’s command than a woman’s.

      If a woman wants a job like that, then so be it. If her superiors believe that she is qualified then who am I to say different? I just don’t think that it’s a good idea.


  9. suzjones says:

    I actually know some women I believe would be excellent in the police force because they are blunt, honest, straight forward and take no c**p from anyone. They work well in the disability sector with difficult clients. I also think my son would make an excellent child care worker. I don’t believe it is a case of stereotyping or feminism more than a case of a person working to their strengths and weaknesses.


    • mewhoami says:

      You’re right. Some would be able to do the job quite well, ability wise. For me though, it’s more of a matter of who would be respected more, who would show more strength, intimidation and who would have the greater chance at getting the the criminal/enemy to surrender.

      Your son would probably be great in the child care field. That’s just a personal preference for me. I wouldn’t have a man watch my child. I didn’t even like my son’s dad being alone with him, and he’s a great man. Past experiences shouldn’t cause people to generalize, but unfortunately sometimes they do.


  10. CharleneMcD says:

    I spent 15 years in the Air Force, for the most part the jobs are no different than those you find in the civilian sector. There are cooks, engineers, administrators, secretaries, police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. There are also jobs that you would never find outside of the military, however, in all of those jobs there were women. They were not treated any less respectfully then the men were and they did not have to be intimidating to do their jobs. All they needed to do a great job was determination and have the knowledge required for that job. Just like any man that serves in the military everyone has to meet the same requirements – physical, mental, educational etc. to get the promotions. The women might have had less of the physical than men, but not by much. They all had to take the same tests for promotion to the next rank and they all had the same evaluation standards. I certainly would not have intimidated anyone, at 5 foot and 125 pounds there was definitely nothing intimidating about me, but I was respected by those I worked with because I knew how to do my job and I did it well. I have been out of the military almost 20 years now, and I know it is different than when I was in but for me personally, if I could do it all again I would in a heartbeat.
    From prior experience I have a hard time with men as caregivers too, but I find that I am judging them based on prior expectations and that is not fair. I have known several men throughout my life that were much better caregivers than some of the women I know. And I have known several men that I would not even want around a grown woman.


    • mewhoami says:

      I can certainly see how women can hold jobs in the military that do not include actively being in combat. That’s the part that I’m uncertain about. Were you physically in combat while you were in?

      About child care, you’re right that it’s not fair to make judgements based off of past experiences. There are some amazing men out there who adore children and would never even think to do them harm. Those men I commend for being that way. However, I do still feel that overall the job of professional child care is best suited for women.


      • CharleneMcD says:

        I was in during the first Gulf war. I was blessed to not have to go into a combat zone. My orders were being drawn up, but two weeks before I was supposed to head to Afghanistan the war ended and my orders were cancelled. I think I had a lucky break. One of the girls I trained was there before me and I was supposed to take her place. She came back safe, but the barracks where she was staying was one that got hit.


  11. Jenni says:

    Ah … can’t say I agree with you there, I’ve met women who can scare the crap out of me and my husband frequently tells me that in the right mood we wouldn’t actually need the armed forces just point my sister and I in the direction of the enemy and it would be a scorched earth policy.

    If I may make a suggestion – women are a little more sensitive as a rule [not always] than men and if you are by nature quiet or introverted they are not going to present an overbearing or dominating face to you unless they are the sort of person who likes making people afraid. Due to that you may not feel threatened unless they wish to do so.

    It’s a bit like saying men shouldn’t be pre-school teachers or primary teachers because as men they are too intimidating to small children. It’s not true, the same way women are capable of firing guns and kicking arse when required.


    • mewhoami says:

      As I watching your comments pop up last night, I was waiting on this one guessing that you would disagree with it. πŸ™‚ Many people have and I’ve been tempted a few times to delete the post because of it. But, everyone has different opinions and although I don’t like to offend others, it’s okay if people don’t agree. That’s what blogging is for right – to share opinions? (That was a pep talk to myself)

      Some women can be downright mean, overbearing and scary. Even their facial expressions sometimes are enough to make someone cower in the corner. You’re right that most women don’t exhibit threatening behavior until they feel that it is necessary to do so. This could be a large part as to why I don’t see them as intimidating as men. Regardless, when I think of combat overseas I immediately think of many of the enemies who see women as being at a lower status than them. Without a doubt, they hold that same disrespect for women in the military. That is what my opinion is mainly formed around.

      You’re right that both genders are very capable of behaving the exact opposite of how they are ‘programmed’ to.


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