The Peace of Secluded Living

tribal peopleWhile looking for the missing plane from Malaysia, the surrounding islands have also been searched. One of these islands is inhabited by tribal residents, as I’m sure several others in the area are as well.

This particular island was mentioned because a fire was spotted on the land. Come to find out, it was a ceremonial fire of some sort and there was no connection between it and the missing plane. On the island, there were also two “nearly naked” men on the shore.

As I read about this particular island, it hit me that the residents there have no technology. They probably had no idea that a plane had even gone missing, until searchers flew overhead. Even now, they may not know. The idea of that intrigues me.

These people, and many others who have no access to technology, are living every day focused only on what’s happening in their little area of the world. It is very likely that they didn’t know about the planes that flew into the World Trade Center in NYC in 2001 , or the bombing in Oklahoma City in 1995. They probably didn’t know, nor care that Bin Laden had been killed in 2011.

Their seclusion keeps them from the worries that so many of us share. They live every day going about their business, completely naive to the world around them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up every morning without the concerns of war, or someone robbing your home or kidnapping your children?

I imagine that type of life to be blissful. Would it be challenging and full of work? Absolutely. But, it sure would be lovely. No phones, no TV, no internet, and no bad news except for our own. I realize at times, living on an island would be difficult, especially when storms come and illnesses spread. But if I could choose between living in a populated country of millions or a secluded island, I’d still choose the island.

So if you run across a secluded island, throughout your travels please keep me in mind.

Side Note – As I was searching through various photos of tribal people, two items of necessity came to mind. First, clothes. Finding a photo with clothed tribal people is a challenge. Second, sunscreen. I am way to porcelain toned to go without sunscreen.

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21 Responses to The Peace of Secluded Living

  1. Jenni says:

    I’d go with one of the smaller Whitsunday Islands or the hinterland just in from the sunshine coast which is spectacular and secluded but with easy access to mod cons (toilet paper etc). As long as I had books I think I’d do ok but I am a little fond of tech so maybe not.


  2. tric says:

    When we go on holiday we often go to an area of Ireland which is like stepping back in time. I turn off my phone, there is no internet and we can just live. I love it. There is great freedom in not being contactable.


  3. LOL! Clothes! It cracked me up how hard it was to find pictures of tribal people with clothes on – that is a very good point!
    I have a girlfriend, married with 1 kid and 3 stepkids all at home with her and her hubby, and we frequently email each other. She’ll send me: “Run away?” and then I’ll reply with a fantasy life where we are living on an island and have our beach side bar making us tons of money with little responsibility to go with it! πŸ˜‰
    But, yeah, clothes…


    • mewhoami says:

      It was a challenge. πŸ™‚ I’d definitely want clothes. That’s a full house. I like your idea of running away to an island and making money off the adventure while there. Good plan.


  4. I’m fear I am laughing. You’ll hear hear no “going Polynesian” humour from this navigator!


  5. April says:

    It’s funny you write about this today. I just watched a few episodes about Alaska. Being a hillbilly, I love the mountains, not sandy beaches. Alaska seems to be secluded. Cold, but secluded. I would like that, I think. Until then, I just turn off the tv and use a weather app. The weather is the only thing that interests me. I don’t think I would like not knowing what type of weather is in the near future.


    • mewhoami says:

      I second your thought about the mountains. My ideal island would have both. Having been to Alaska before, I’d go back there in a heart beat. It’s beautiful, quiet, secluded. Never have I seen a place more beautiful. Your weather app idea is a good one. It would be nice knowing what to prepare for.


  6. This sounds incredibly tempting. Clothes would be a ‘have to’ for me! But the rest sounds so peaceful.


  7. Glynis Jolly says:

    As I read your description of the seclusion, scenes from one of my favorite movies popped into my head, Medicine Man, starring Sean Connery. Whenever I want to see a little piece of the secluded life and need the chance to be humbled, this is the movie I bring out from my DVD collection.


  8. suzjones says:

    Oooh, can I come too?


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