Make Up Your Own Mind


There are two things that should never be used to form an opinion about someone. First, our opinion of others should never be dictated by the view of someone else. Secondly, we should not judge a person based off of their appearance or mistakes they have made. Everyone deserves a fair chance and sometimes, a second chance.

Negative speaking destroys people and hinders friendships.

From so-called friends, co-workers to family members, there will always be people who speak negatively about others. Anyone who breathes, will likely have someone who doesn’t care for them. Someone who they’ve made angry. That’s just the way life goes. It’s impossible to please everyone.

With that said, a person’s view of someone should never be formed based off the opinion of another. I have always been of the mindset to form my own opinion of people, rather than taking another person’s word for it.

No matter what I’m told by others, I always try to give people a chance. “They stole from me. She’s a liar. He’s a meth addict.” Okay, so what’s your point? They’re still people and they’ve done nothing wrong to me. If or until they do, they’re a good person in my book.

Appearance is merely a covering. Mistakes and bad choices are made by everyone.

Personally, I don’t care if a person has gauges in their ears, tattoos all over their body, or if they’ve recently been released from prison. I don’t care if they used to be a drug addict, a gangster or they have 5 kids with 4 different fathers. None of those things are going to affect the way that I see them.

Make up your own mind.

What does define my view of a person, is who they are on the inside. Do they have a good character? Good morals? Are they polite, loving, giving? Who is it that lives underneath the surface? That’s what I care about.

It’s very important to make up your own opinion about others. Don’t judge them by their life, their appearance or their mistakes. Everyone lives a life and no one is exempt from making mistakes.

See people for who they are, not for what others tell you to see. There is much more to people than they are often given credit for. Give them a chance, just as you would like them to do with you. Get to know them and then form your opinion.

This would be a much better world, if people would just open their eyes and their hearts to to see others for who they truly are.

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13 Responses to Make Up Your Own Mind

  1. I love this and I couldn’t agree more. The judging and gossiping that goes on is almost sickening. I often think I want to give everyone a fair shot because who do we think we are to look down on another anyway. I am with you. I make up my own mind because that is the only mind I should have any control over. Great lesson here šŸ˜‰


    • mewhoami says:

      Exactly. Who are we to look down at other people? We all have flaws and we’ve all made mistakes. I love that – ” because that is the only mind I should have any control over”. That is true!


  2. SO true! I try very hard to not others dictate to me how to feel about someone. I want to base my feelings and opinions about someone on how they interact with me and how I see their actions. I have great luck with this. And great relationships with people that others tried to tell me to stay away from.


  3. This is my year of looking for the good. I feel elated that the year of 2013 has gone (BIG TIME phobic about 13 ). I decided this year I’m going to look at everything ina positive light, choose to think /act nice (I’ve a very judgmental habit) and do things rather than saying later “I wish I …’. I hope I can keep strong in this because what you say in your post is so very true in my opinion šŸ™‚


    • mewhoami says:

      That’s great! I believe that there is always good in everyone. Even the toughest of people. It’s good that you can admit to being judgmental. That’s the only way people can overcome things, is by admitting that they do something. Life is a learning process for all of us.


  4. sothislife says:

    I agree and thank you for posting,


  5. Well stated! I also agree. My mother taught me well – do not judge until you walk a mile in their moccasins. I’ve done bad things, and I beat myself up for them way more than anyone else ever could. I still try to be a good person and I wouldn’t want to be judged on my past, so I won’t do that to others.


    • mewhoami says:

      That’s a great lesson to be taught by your parents. Growing up that way, helps us to retain those lessons throughout our life. I agree – I sure wouldn’t want people to judge me by my past either. People change (not all, but most) and they deserve a chance to prove that to others.


  6. Miss Lou says:

    All well stated and can’t find fault with any of it. People should be weighed on merit. Everyone of us makes mistakes and we all need someone to provides us with the opportunity to redeem ourselves.

    I like to think I don’t do it very often, though I’m sure I have engaged in gossip (sometimes masked as well intending, which is crap) – if we have things to say, then we need to say them directly to the person involved, otherwise it is purely self serving and a complete waste of time.

    If there can be no positive outcome in the words you speak, then why say them in the first place.

    Great post – Thanks for sharing,



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