My Dream Retirement

dream home

My first thought upon waking this morning, brought instant happiness to my day. It was a memory of my favorite place.  The place where I felt the most peace and experienced the most beauty.

I vividly remember stepping out of the airport the night of my arrival. It was as if I walked right into the mountains, with its fresh air and crisp breeze. The landscape was stunning and it surrounded me. It was paradise.

Alaska. I found my retirement home there several years ago. It was on an island nearby the mainland. From the top of a hill, the house came into view. It sat in a small valley of its very own, nestled among the trees. There were no nearby neighbors and no traffic. Behind the house was a horse stable and in the front, sat the ocean. It was the most beautiful homestead I had ever seen. It was perfect.

For years, that was my dream home. The idea of it still is. Whether it be in Alaska or somewhere else entirely, that piece of land placed a lasting impression in my mind. An impression of the home I dream of having one day.

My retirement home with peace, quiet and beauty all around. I imagine my days riding a horse, enjoying nature, gazing at the stars above and taking walks in the night. Waking early to watch the sunrise and wrapped in a blanket on the porch, as the sun sets. The only sounds to be heard would be the waves of the ocean and the wind in the trees.

Life – simple life. That is my dream home. Wherever it may be, I’ll get there one day.

Never stop dreaming.

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19 Responses to My Dream Retirement

  1. Sounds perfectly peaceful to me. I get that. Mine is on an ocean as well. But a grey and stony island. With old stone cottages. Villages near enough to walk But space enough to be private. And walks where my heritage walked. 🙂


  2. April says:

    What a lovely dream. My place is the Smoky Mountains.


  3. Glynis Jolly says:

    It’s interesting that you’d pick Alaska. Most people wouldn’t because of the winters being to long , dark and cold. I’ve lived on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where the winters are pretty long, not as long as Alaska’s though. I have to admit the thought of retiring there doesn’t sound bad to me. There’s so much natural nature around. Very little is manicured-type stuff.


    • mewhoami says:

      The long winters is the only thing that would make me hesitate. But, the beauty and the open spaces make up for it. I love untouched land. It’s rare to find that these days, especially around where I live.


  4. suzjones says:

    Beautiful. Hang on to that dream and believe it into existence. 🙂


  5. Cindi says:

    When I lived just off of I-95 in Maryland, I remember longing for the quiet and peaceful surroundings my best friend had in New Hampshire – she and her family lived on the side of a small mountain, and I’d visit and just stand outside and breathe. And then life took me to surroundings here in Norway and I can stand outside our own little apartment and just breathe. I know I’ll be moving back to the US (and probably the craziness of the I-95 corridor) in the next few years, so I keep trying to absorb as much of this peace as I can while it’s my reality.

    Don’t ever stop your dreaming!!


    • mewhoami says:

      Cindi, it’s neat how although the location is completely different from what you first dreamed, you’re able to live out your dream anyway. Enjoy every moment of it in Norway. What a wonderful experience that must be.


  6. My sister and her family, as well as two good friends, live in Alaska currently! It’s way too long of a flight for me to seriously consider visiting, however. I’d go in snow or sun, however!

    Ireland always felt like home to me, even though I’d never been. Now I live here. Some days I remember why, other days I feel the ignorance and mistrust a small town has to offer. I’ll keep trying to hold on to throes better days!


    • mewhoami says:

      Ireland is one of the top places on my list to visit. I’m Irish by blood, so it would be neat to see where my roots came from.

      A good friend of mine used to live in Alaska, which is why I was able to see the beauty of it. It was a long/expensive flight even from here, but very worth it.


  7. pardenme says:

    You’ll get there, Baby. Of this I have no doubt 🙂


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