Freedom of Speech

freedom of speech

Everyone should be entitled to freely share their opinions. That applies to all forms of communication. One element of the blogging world that I’ve really come to appreciate is that people are allowed to openly share their opinions. In return, they welcome and often get into friendly debates, with the understanding that not everyone is going to agree.

Most of my posts are fairly generic, however there have been a few that have garnered a bit of opinionated attention. (such as This World – Shame) Some have agreed and others have not, both of which are perfectly fine. But, there is one thing both of those groups have in common. They are both able to share and debate without becoming offended. I admire that.

Learning the ideas of others and gaining their insight on various topics is crucial to both self improvement and improving the world as a whole. In order to grow, we have to step outside of ourselves and see the world through the eyes of others. How else will we ever learn that which is beyond our own understanding?

So for all those who share their opinions, post comments and join in friendly debates, I thank you. I thank you for having respect for others even when you disagree and for allowing them to enjoy their freedom of speech, just as you enjoy yours. After all, it is the 1st Amendment.

As for this blog, I respect and value each opinion, regardless if we agree or not. All opinions are welcome here.

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5 Responses to Freedom of Speech

  1. April says:

    The only people I have difficulty with, are the people who don’t want to see another point of view. If this is the case, why do they impose themselves in the conversation?


    • mewhoami says:

      I agree. Funny I was just thinking about that. How some people only go onto blogs or forums to rant. Their only purpose is to cause contention. If they can’t behave and converse as an adult, then they shouldn’t speak up at all.


  2. Ryan Dueck says:

    I have shied away from my more inflametory views in my blog because I fear a backlash or that people won’t “like” me. Maybe I should introduce some of them and see how it goes. I react emotionally to oposition to things I am passionate about, but maybe I need to practice this a little more.


    • mewhoami says:

      I understand that. It’s hard to be offended when others attack you for things that you are passionate about. As far as testing the waters, you’ll never know until you try. Of course, whether you do or not depends on your goals for the blog.


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