Christmas Wish List

christmas listOver the past 14 years, my son has never given me a Christmas wish list. He’s had a list, but it’s consisted of my handwriting and the gifts that I feel that he would like to receive. Some years he seems happy with the gifts he receives and other years I get the look of “Mom, what were you thinking?”

If I ask him what he wants, it’s always ‘games’. How many games can a kid have? Plus, he doesn’t play half of the ones he has anyway. He has three regulars and the rest just sit there collecting dust. So, for this reason he is rarely given games on Christmas. Instead, I try to broaden his world with different things to keep him busy such as drawing pads, scientific experiment devices and things for outdoor entertainment.

Although, I get an answer of ‘games’ when I ask him what he wants, he’s never actually come up and directly asked me for something. That is, until yesterday. He came out of his room, walked up and asked if he could have a specific item for Christmas. I was thrilled! Well, I was thrilled that he asked me, but not so thrilled for what he asked me for.

Out of fear that someone reading this will buy it, I’m not going to say what it was and quite frankly he doesn’t need it anyway. What I will say, is that it costs hundreds of dollars. When he asked me, I first responded with how excited I was to finally get a request from him. Immediately following that, I asked him “The first time you ever ask for anything and you ask for that? You couldn’t ask me for something cheaper?” He of course, thought that was the funniest thing ever. Even still, he made sure that I knew how serious he was.

He couldn’t have asked for something reasonably priced, such as an easel or books? Nope. He had to ask for something that costs a small fortune. Will he get it? We’ll see. Christmas is still weeks away.

What is the most memorable item your child has asked you for?

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9 Responses to Christmas Wish List

  1. Lol! Of course it would work that way! My kids are just old enough (22 months) to start figuring out this Christmas business…I’m sure my years of asking for gifts are coming. Good luck on navigating the gift buying…maybe you’ll find an amazing Black Friday or Craigslist buy!


  2. April says:

    Most memorable? Stinkin’ Furbys when they first came out. The one and only time I went shopping on Black Friday. Didn’t get the Furbys either.


  3. pardenme says:

    You never know. He just Might get it šŸ™‚


  4. Glynis Jolly says:

    My son asked for an electric guitar. I was more than happy to find one for him that I could afford because I used to play 3 instruments myself. He didn’t get a new one, but the one I found was in excellent shape for $63. The price was still kind of high for me but I believe that music is good for people in so many ways. And, believe it or not, after 27 years he still has it.


  5. suzjones says:

    The Sorting Hat and Hermione’s bag – both from Harry Potter. She didn’t get them. She got other HP stuff though that is now packed away in a box under her bed.


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