Imaginary Road Trip

roadMy mind tends to be very active, so I have a habit of daydreaming and imagining myself in different scenarios.

Today as I was standing in a tire store, I began to imagine that I was on a road trip. The tire place was only a stop-over on my way across the country. It was in a different town, in a place where no one knew me. Even though it was completely imaginary, it gave me a sense of great excitement to be on my way somewhere. I could clearly picture the trip, the stops, the destination and the people I would see when I arrived there.

Then, the tire man popped his head around the corner and my daydream came to an end.

I love to travel. It is my temporary escape from my everyday life. That’s not to say my life is bad. It’s just nice to get away from the daily routine. I used to travel to the mountains almost every weekend, alone. Back then, I had a book of the various trails throughout the state in which I reside. Each Saturday morning I would open it to see where I was headed to that day. Whichever page I landed on, that is where I would go. It didn’t matter how far the drive was or how strenuous the hike would be. I never knew what I would run into, but I loved the adventure.

It’s been years now since I’ve ventured out onto one of those trails. I do miss it, but life has gotten a bit busy and time is a little harder to come by. However, I still travel as often as I can. Only now, it’s usually to visit family. I catch a plane or take to the road every chance I get.

I have been to beautiful places in my 30+ years, yet there are so many more that I would love to see. The east coast for example. I saw a picturesque view of Maine years ago and ever since then, I’ve wanted to go there. Then there’s Oregon, which has all my favorite attributes rolled into one; mountains, ocean and trees.

Of course, there’s outside of the United States as well. I’m fascinated by history, World War II in particular. Therefore, at the top of my places to visit is Germany. After that is Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Greece.

My favorite place of all, would be a private island. There would be nothing better than the peace, quiet and seclusion that an island would offer. I’d of course bring along someone who could defend me against the wild animals and whose company I would enjoy.

The mental road trip I took this morning was wonderful, but obviously I’m still experiencing a bit of travel withdrawals. Where shall I go next?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could make our daydreams into reality, even for a moment?

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10 Responses to Imaginary Road Trip

  1. tric says:

    Oh how I long to up sticks and just head away somewhere, anywhere. Away from life and responsibilities. But then I too wake up and see a husband and four children and boom my bubble is burst.


    • mewhoami says:

      Having a family does tend to put a damper in these types of things, doesn’t it? 🙂 Finding an ‘escape’ can sometimes feel impossible. I suppose that’s where imaginary vacations come in handy.


  2. suzjones says:

    You can always drop by here if you land in Australia. 🙂


  3. suzjones says:

    I hit enter before I’d finished…. lol
    I was going to say that the Garden Gnome and I love road trips and travel. It’s something we can never get enough of.


  4. Lovely post which took me back a few decades – 1977 and ’78 to be precise. I hitched coast-coast on one trip and from New York – The Rockies and then due south on another trip. As a kid from across the pond it never occurred to me that I was living a dream, I just did it. Sometimes dreams do become reality but as we get older and collect ‘baggage’ it makes many of those dreams more difficult.


    • mewhoami says:

      That sounds fabulous. I imagine you probably have some interesting stories to tell of those times. It was indeed a dream that you were living and it’s so wonderful that you had the chance to do so.

      Yes, you’re right. Baggage does tend to get a bit heavier as the years go by. 🙂


  5. Glynis Jolly says:

    I lived in Greece for a couple of years back in the 90s. I highly recommend it. It’s breathtaking and the people are hospitable.


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