I Saw Myself

dreamHave you ever had a dream in which you saw yourself? Not in appearance, but in character. A dream in which your actions and intentions were revealed. This happened to me last night. I saw myself in a dream and it wasn’t very pretty.

We are surrounded by choices every day. Some choices we make are good and others are not. Sometimes we make decisions without considering how they could effect others. Without realizing it, we are being selfish. Last night, my dream showed me my own selfishness.

Instead of dreaming in first person, I was looking through the eyes of someone else. Someone I rarely think about. Even though this person is far from my mind on most days, my choices could directly effect them. I had never considered just how much, until last night.

In the dream, I saw this person’s pain, sadness and loss. Their emotions were so strong that I felt as though they were my own. It was heartbreaking and I couldn’t believe that I had hurt someone in such a way. I was so disappointed in myself and it was too late to make things right.

Thankfully, it was just a dream of what could be. It hasn’t happened yet and it doesn’t have to. It’s all about making the right choice. Although the dream was rather unpleasant, I’m very thankful for it and how it opened my eyes to see beyond myself. I needed that.

I don’t believe that all dreams have meanings. Many of them could just be a side effect of late night pizza. However, I do believe that there are some which occur precisely at the right moment to teach us a valuable lesson.

Have you ever seen yourself in a dream?

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6 Responses to I Saw Myself

  1. snoogiefisk says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever done that. I have really vivid dreams but that has never happened to me. Pretty cool though..


  2. This is a definite picture of understanding the world around you & the dream that points to something that may have been going on in your subconscious part of your mind which means you never really know until it hits your conscious part of your mind. dreams only happen once in a while to me & they used to hit me a lot when I was a child. I have long since had to run into my parents room & hide there for security. I now have to go through that dream, talk about it & usually I have what I want to think about & act on fit in then. dreams are usually driving a point to something or someone like it did to you. thinking of things that may have angered or got to you through emotions may have gone through your thought process & then knowing good from bad, you in your conscious mind had decided to bring it up in your dream. Not to push you into anything, but usually if you have had a friend who may have had a problem with you in some way & you react on it, just means your mind reacted & can tell that person about it by saying you need to forgive me about this situation. Hope this some help!


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