Airport Security – Useless Signs


Have you ever seen those signs at the airport that say “Do not leave your bag unattended.”? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you did? I found out today. What happens is nothing.

With a little over two hours of sleep last night, my son and I made our way to the airport. We got checked in and ventured down to security. I was lugging my purse, a roller bag and a duffle bag. My son had a backpack. The airport was rather empty today, so there was no line for security. We got waved in, we showed our boarding passes and went to load everything onto the conveyor belt. After everything was loaded and our shoes were off, I noticed that something didn’t look right. My roller bag was missing. I began looking in every direction for my missing bag, while retracing my steps in my head. After a few moments, I realized that it had to be next to the first security check we passed through.

Unloading all our bags and walking barefoot in the opposite direction, back towards security I was sure that they would call us back to an enclosed room to search our bag. After all, they do have those signs posted everywhere warning you not to leave your bag. What did they do? They called a fellow security agent to fetch my bag and hand it to me. No search, no pulling us to the side, nothing. I was surprised and relieved. I sure didn’t want us to miss our flight.

Leaving security, I knew that I desperately needed coffee if I were to successfully make the flight. As we neared our gate, we took a detour to grab a cup of coffee and juice for my son. We ordered, paid, got our order and went to find a seat. While sitting down and unloading our bags, I realized my roller bag was gone again! Searching for it, I spotted it over by the counter where we had just gotten our drinks. Leaving my son to watch our belongings, I walked over and retrieved it.

This time I knew for sure that we had to be on security’s radar. I scanned the area left and right, all around us for an agent. Again to my surprise, no one was in sight and we walked away with no questions asked. That was great for us, but it made me wonder even more, what those signs are for. Why even put them up?

Perhaps I just look too innocent to be a terrorist? You can’t trust people just because they appear a certain way. Terrorists can come in all sorts of colors, shapes and genders. What’s funny is that I’m writing this while in flight. I wonder if my seat neighbor is reading this. Would it make you uncomfortable if your neighbor on the plane was writing about poor security measures and terrorists? I find it to be funny. I obviously have a warped sense of humor.

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4 Responses to Airport Security – Useless Signs

  1. Having spent time in Israel I can assure you your experience wouldn’t have happened there. The population are so much more aware of ‘stray’ bags. It would have been found almost immediately and blown up! Yes, a controlled explosion.


    • mewhoami says:

      Wow. The possibility of having your belongings blown up, would sure make a person much more aware of where they place their bags. I’m glad that didn’t happen to me.


  2. April says:

    I believe I have blogged a lot about my fear of flying, but if you didn’t catch any of those posts…I have to medicate to get in the air. HUGE phobia. Anyway, on one of my trips from the West Coast to the East Coast, I was sitting in the terminal, trying to get my zen on. A pleasant woman with a Russian accent sat next to me. We chatted about her travels, and I felt comfortable with her. Then….she asked me if I would watch her bag while she went to get something to eat.

    …..I would have never given this another thought, except the whole airport security thing spooks me. Perhaps that is why I have such a huge phobia–that and the fact that it is a long way to the ground if something goes wrong.

    I watched her bag, she went to get something to eat, came back, and we chatted some more.

    I hate having to hide my Pollyanna side and not trust people.


    • mewhoami says:

      I don’t blame you for being so nervous at the airport. It’s not like they provide much comfort with their warning signs posted everywhere and security personnel watching every move you make. I always feel guilty even though I’ve done nothing.

      It’s very nice that you helped that lady even though it made you uncomfortable. It is sad that, as you said, we have to be so untrusting of people and we can’t just let loose and be ourselves.


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