Love is an Action

imageLove. That is a powerful action. Notice how I didn’t say word? I said action. That’s because love is much more than a word. Love is shown in how you care for those around you. It is shown in what you do, how you speak and how you interact with others.

How often do you call someone just to say hello? Do you go out of your way to help someone in need? Do you stop looking at your phone or computer to really listen to those speaking to you? How often do you walk up to a loved one and hug them for no reason? Those are all examples of love.

It is easy to say “I love you”, but if those words are not backed up with actions, then they mean nothing. When you truly love someone, whether it be a family member, friend or significant other, then that love is a part of you. It makes up a part of your being and it will naturally radiate from you.

If you say that you love someone and nothing you do shows that love, then perhaps you should examine yourself. This world needs to be shown love and so do those nearest you. We should all learn how to love a little better. Let’s not just say it. Let’s show it.

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