Frugality vs Fun

moneyFrugality versus fun. Which is more important? The answer is both. This is something that I am learning, or at least trying to. You would think that my problem would be not being frugal. Wrong. It’s just the opposite.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been saving money.  This doesn’t mean that I’m rich. I am not. Not even close. Emergencies always seem to arise that quickly solve that problem. However, emergencies seem to be one of the only reasons I ever dip into my savings. The only other reason is for other people, such as gifts or for their emergencies. It’s always great to give. Just not when it’s to myself.

Having a savings account is extremely important. It makes life much easier. Instead of going into a panic when you need new tires or a last minute airline ticket, you just pay for it and move on. I love that! So much so, that I refuse to spend until situations such as those, arise. That’s great, right? Yes and no.

What about all the fun things I say that I want to do? Things like parachuting, hang gliding, white water rafting, revisiting Alaska or going out of the country. I’m even too cheap to buy a new purse. Sounds petty, but whoever or whatever has been gnawing on mine has almost eaten right through it. I’m all talk; a talker and not a doer. That’s what I am.

Why? Because, what if I spend on one of these adventures and then something happens? What if my truck breaks down? What if my son has an urgent medical visit? What then? How will it get paid? These are my fears. So, while I’m waiting for those potential situations to occur, I do nothing. Okay, I occasionally visit my Mother, but that’s about it. Not to say that’s not wonderful. It is! There is just so much more that I could do also.

I was reminded recently of the phrase, “You can’t take it with you”. That’s a fact. I can’t take it with me. I have a bad habit of looking at people at thinking, “Why are you spending your money on that?” However, I’ve come to realize that the only reason I think that way, is because I want to be ‘easy’ on myself too. What good will it be to have money sitting in my account when I die, but no memories to show for my life? What a waste. I want to do things, go places and enjoy life. Why not have a good time while I’m here? Life is short.

No matter what, I will never be frivolous. I know that. That’s just not the type of person I am. Saving is crucial and emergency situations do arise. There is no question about that. A person should always have money put away for the rainy days ahead. With that said though, life is here now. That’s what I want to enjoy. The here and the now. Occasional spending in return for a lifetime of memories is a fair trade. That’s what I must learn and apply. That may sound silly for some, but for me and people like me, that is a huge and scary step.

I need to allow myself to enjoy life. Just like I wrote the other day in “She Lived“. That precious woman didn’t let anything stand in her way of living. She lived all the way up till the very end. That’s how it should be. Neither money, nor people, nor circumstance should hold a person back from living. I don’t want to sit on my death bed and look back at my life, and have nothing to show for it.  Just as she did, I want to live.

On that note, what will be my next adventure? Maybe I should start with the cheapest thing on my list… a new purse. Then, next summer – parachuting!

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