Hiding You

hiding youWhy is it that the strongest messages in life always seem to come from strangers? Months ago, a man approached me in the store and said something that has stuck with me ever since. “If you search too long, you will search wrong.”

You can read about this “angel is disguise” here.

It happened again the other day at the grocery store. We were walking through the bakery department late at night and a woman behind the counter began speaking with us. She told us of a conversation she had with a customer a few days prior. The customer had told the store clerk, “You have a beautiful personality.” The clerk replied to the woman, “So do you. You’re just afraid to show it.”

That really hit home with me. In life, people allow circumstances to bring them to a point where they hide their true personality beneath a layer of hardness. This protects them, as it keeps people from really knowing who they are. People are afraid that if they show who they are, that others will judge them. That is true. It does happen. But, if you are a bump on a pickle, then you will be judged for being just that, a bump on a pickle. So, wouldn’t it be more fun and much easier to just be you? It’s almost a guarantee that others will like you more and so will you.

Also, it is difficult to show your beautiful personality when you don’t feel like being beautiful. Throughout the course of life, there are many times when we find ourselves down, hurt, angry or disappointed. As a result, our “beautiful personality” is kept prisoner deep within ourselves. We go through our day hoping that it will resurface on it’s own. The thing is, is that it won’t. We must be the one to set it free.

We all have a beautiful personality; even the toughest of people. There is love, a smile and laughter hidden within each one of us. However, it is up to us to bring it forth. When we hide it and are afraid to laugh, smile and show love towards others, we are not only hurting them, but ourselves also. After all, no one likes to be around a cranky person, not even the one being cranky.

The world is already bad enough. People need to see friendly faces and to hear laughter. They need to feel love. The same goes for you. You need to feel the stretch of a smile across your face and to hear yourself laugh. You owe it to yourself to be happy.

No matter what is going on in your life, allow your beautiful personality to shine. On this earth, you are only given one life to life. Shouldn’t it be a joyous one?

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