The 7 Year High School Plan

booksIt seems like yesterday when I dropped my son off for his very first day of school. I still remember the feeling that rushed over me when the school bell rang that morning. The door of the school had just closed behind me and I was a few feet down the sidewalk when the bell began to ring. It was a startling feeling. I was still a kid myself. The bell should have been ringing for my day of school, not my son’s.

Nine years later, he is a young man about to enter high school. It’s an odd feeling. My son and I have literally grown up together. Now, he’s a freshman and I still feel like a kid with a kid.

Being autistic, he is technically supposed to be in school until he reaches 21 years old. When I was first told that, I was rather disappointed thinking of how that would make him feel. However, after all these years I’ve come to realize that he’s probably not going to mind. Plus, he needs it. The extra 3 years will help him to get caught up. After all, he is years behind.

Right now my son is 14, but his speech is closer to the age of 5 most days and his reading is at 1st grade level. So, he’s got a lot of catching up to do. But, I’m not worried. He has come so far.

It may sound odd for a parent to say, but I could really care less if he learns history or advanced math. They made calculators for a reason, right? I was an accountant for years, so I can vouch for that. Still, it would be nice for him to learn those things and I encourage him to, but that’s just not our main focus. I don’t feel that they are necessary in order to be successful in life.

Not a single job I have ever held, have I had to discuss history or answer an algebra problem. On the contrary, every job I’ve had I have had to talk, read and write. So, as long as he is proficient in those areas I believe he’ll be good to go.

So, as the beginning of his 7 year high school journey begins, I’m excited! He’s come further in the past 5 years than ever before in his life and I am thrilled to see where the next few will take him.

On that note…

Welcome to high school, son! Show them how amazing you are. There are no limits to what you can do.

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2 Responses to The 7 Year High School Plan

  1. I think it’s really great how supportive you are for him!


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