What Matters – Message in a Dream


“It doesn’t bother me to grow another year older. What bothers me, is not having much to show for it.” I said this to someone recently. Instantly, I thought of how a very good friend of mine turned 34 a few months ago and was feeling much of what I am feeling now. Soon, I will be hitting 33.

It’s not the age. I realize that I’m still young. It’s just that since I set my life goals years ago, much has happened. Straight paths became curved, boulders randomly fell blocking my way and avalanches forced me down into valleys. But, I must remember that along the way there have also been mountains climbed and peaks conquered.

In life, it is so easy to focus on the boulders, rugged paths and valleys, that we often forget about the mountains. That’s because it is in those difficult times, when we learn our most valuable lessons. However, that doesn’t mean that the mountains are any less important. In fact, they are more important.

What we accomplish in life is much grander than what we do not. I may not be a nurse, which is what I always planned to be. I may not have a second child, as I had planned years ago. Nor do I have a house with bay windows and a wrap around porch in the country…yet. Okay, that dream in still alive. But, I have been given so much in this life and have so much to be thankful for.

As a matter of fact, my step-dad who recently passed away, showed me this very thing in a dream a couple of weeks ago. (Do I always believe that dreams hold a message? No. But, I believe this one did.) He sat our family down in a circle around him. Once we were all seated, he pulled out a picture of a beautiful farmstead with a barn near the back, stables on the left and a corral on the right.


In my dream, I knew that this picture represented family, love and togetherness. As we looked at the picture he told us, “You see this picture I’m holding? This is what life is all about. You have all wasted so much time on things that don’t matter. This right here – this is what really matters in life.” I awoke from the dream with tears in my eyes, missing him and knowing that he was right.

You see, this life is not about money, houses or careers. Sure, all of those are nice to have and some are rather necessary. But, those things are not what makes our lives important. What really matters in life is who we are, who we’ve loved and who’s loved us. It’s about friendships, family and memories that are made along the way. It’s about laughter, tears and resting in the comfort of someone’s arms.

There is so much more to this life than what we see on the surface. The life that truly matters is the one that is unseen. It’s the life of the heart. The life that we share with others.

I may be turning another year older soon and I may not have all I had planned to have by this age. But, through that dream I was reminded that I do have what matters most and for that I am thankful.

Lesson: No matter how old you become, be thankful for each year that you are given. For it is one more year to live, to laugh and to love.

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8 Responses to What Matters – Message in a Dream

  1. frankiedman says:

    Thanks for letting us into your thoughts!!! I would add this one very important thing…On our path of life we meet and touch many people. How we inspire them speaks a ton of what we have done in life. Your blog today has inspired me and I’m sure it will touch many more people in the world. Again, thanks for sharing!!!


  2. mewhoami says:

    You are absolutely right. Throughout our walk, we touch people every day by our lives and our words. Sometimes we even inspire others without even knowing. Thank you!


  3. bloggingbyrgottier says:

    Thanks for inspiring me as I think of who I am around now & who I will be around in a couple of weeks. In this couple of weeks, my fiancée` will finally be here & is touching my life a lot. Lives will change & things will come & go. Memories will have been made & are made everyday. In this all, my life & the dreams I made are coming to the exact point I wanted them to. Thanks for your post as it brought up thoughts that keep me thinking of the past, present & future. Make your day better more & more. Positive thoughts in, &
    negative out. I love that feeling!


  4. mewhoami says:

    I am glad and humbled that my post has inspired you. Also, congratulations on your soon to be wife! Marriage is a beautiful thing and I wish you two all the best.


  5. culturemonk says:

    It’s funny how we suddenly begin contemplating these things so much more after turning 30….I am 2 years older than you and I swear I didn’t think so deeply about what I wanted to accomplish with mylife back when I was 21……


    • mewhoami says:

      Thank you for your comment. For me, I didn’t feel that I reached true adulthood until I hit 30. In my 20’s I still considered myself a kid. But, when 30 came I had to finally admit that life was real and not a game. It also became obvious how quickly life was passing by.

      Maybe that is why we seem to contemplate this so much more in our 30’s. We realize that we’re not kids anymore.


  6. pepe says:

    Thank you for posting this, as you reminded me the value of getting one year older again as i am going to be next week.
    i do hate it when i think that i am getting older, but on one side i am happy there is a kid inside me, who wants to celebrate birthday more than anything, to make myself feel special 🙂


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