My Private Island Awaits


A country girl in the city. That’s me.

I grew up in a place that was relatively quiet. Our nearest neighbors were a few acres away and never did we hear any type of commotion coming from their home. There were no sirens squealing in our ears at all hours of the night. Nor was there stereo bass from passing cars echoing through the walls of our house. It was indeed a quiet place, where peace could be found right outside our front door.

My secret place was there, hidden underneath the hanging branches of a mimosa tree. That was my refuge. I spent many days sitting under that tree, enjoying it’s beauty and the peace and quiet that encompassed me.


Grown up now and living in the city, I have come to appreciate that silence even more. There is not much peace to be found in a city with millions of people. However, I am spoiled a bit by being able to work from home. Between the hours of eight and four, a person could literally hear a pen drop in my house. There is no music, no tv, no nothing. It is a quiet that would cause many people to go insane, but I cherish it.

The peace is temporary however. Once the door opens, it is quickly replaced by loud voices, clanging dishes, blaring music and a number of other obnoxious noises. Unfortunately unlike when I was young, I do not have a mimosa tree outside my door anymore to hide beneath. But, I do have a dream escape.

My private island.


An island with no noise from cars, neighbors, tvs or cell phones. A quiet island just for me and whoever I decide to bring along. But beware, if you want to join me on my island, the application process will not be easy. There are specific conditions which you must agree to before being allowed in.

The conditions are as follows:

You cannot be boisterous, argumentative, bossy, proud or belittling. Moreover, you cannot be whiny and most certainly you cannot be a drama queen or king.

On the contrary, you must be able to communicate peacefully, with sincere care and concern. Also, you must have a good sense of humour and the ability to overlook the faults of others. Additionally, you must be adventurous, but also enjoy pure relaxation. Above all else, you absolutely must love the quiet.

That is all I ask. Simple for some and a great challenge for others.

But, don’t be discouraged if you cannot comply with these conditions, for I am certain that there is a more suitable island just for you. Furthermore, this does not mean that we cannot be friends. I will be glad to meet you half way between your island and mine anytime, where we can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea together.

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