Life’s Cookie Jar

cookie jar

“Get your hand out of the cookie jar!”

We all remember it – that forbidden jar, full of delicious goodness. We stared at it, wondering what types of cookies were hidden inside. Then, we looked around to see who would be brave enough to reach in and find out. Never failing, the risk takers and those with determination were always the brave ones.

Life is just like that cookie jar. It is full of surprises. In that jar you can discover love, joy and exciting adventures. You can accomplish your goals and you may even find new beginnings. But, will you be brave enough to reach in?

Growing up, odds are that most of us were asked the question, “Where do you see yourself in ten years?”. Since most of us were only in high school at the time, that was somewhat of an unfair question. Regardless, it made us ponder our future and our goals. Thinking back to my answer, I am no where near where I planned to be at this point in my life. Life has a way of changing our goals, our priorities and our future.

Fortunately, it’s not too late.

For as long as we have breath, we still have an opportunity to reach our goals and to make our dreams come true.

Are you afraid?

What stops most people from going after their dreams is the fear of change. It is very easy to get caught up in what is comfortable. We get settled into our daily routines and our hectic schedules. We continue on because it’s what we know. It’s our life. To make the necessary changes can be very intimidating. Because of this, many of us never go after our dreams. Instead, we remain content, but never satisfied.

Be Brave! Reach in and get your cookie.

It takes bravery to go after our dreams. No matter what they are, we must allow certain changes to happen in order for them to become a reality. Going after your goals may require sacrificing your time or your money. You may have to change your routine, put off activities or alter your schedule. At times, the changes may need to be drastic and other times all it takes is a little rearrangement. Whatever your case may be, it’s not too late.

Whether it be continuing education, a new career path, a committed relationship or a dream adventure you can reach your goals. You can have your cookie.

Don’t wait too long. The cookie jar thief is sure to come.

Just as the seasons change from year to year, there is also a season for everything in life. No matter what your goal is, there is only a certain time in which the door will remain open to you. If you wait too long, the thief will come in and steal your cookie jar. Whether the thief be age, death, disease or other people, be sure to get your cookie while the jar is still available to you.

The lid is stuck!

In life, there are also those times when the lid on the cookie jar is so tightly sealed that you cannot open it. Sure, you can pick it up, throw it to the ground and break it open. However, by doing so you may destroy the contents. Sometimes this is where the best surprises are kept. So, you must be careful not to break it. Instead, leave it alone and be patient. If you are meant to have your cookie, then in time the lid will loosen on it’s own. If not, it just may not be your cookie to have.

So, what will you do? Stare at the cookie jar and wonder what’s inside or will you open it and claim your cookie?

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6 Responses to Life’s Cookie Jar

  1. frankiedman says:

    No more thinking about it…I’m opening that bad boy to see what’s inside 🙂 I think in general we are afraid of change and afraid of the “new”. We must keep in mind that everything was foreign to us at one point in life.

    Thank you for sharing these great thoughts!!!!


  2. mewhoami says:

    You made me laugh. Thank you. Also, you are absolutely right that at some point everything was new. We could learn a thing or two from children. They are fearless and invincible, and because of that look at all the wonderful things they achieve. Good to hear from you again!


  3. Good pep talk! I need them frequently these days. Although it may take another decade until I finish, I’m picking courses at school based on what I want to be when I “grow up” ;). I’m always talking myself out of the things I really want to do (writing, counselling…) to pick something easy/marketable… Who knows, maybe I’ll end up with another jo-job someday, but to at least try… I’ve never given up when cookies are involved and this is much more important! Like I said, good pep talk!


  4. mewhoami says:

    That’s great about your classes. There is so much to learn and so much growth potential for all of us. I’ve been wanting to get back into classes as well. The hardest part is taking that first step, knowing that changes are inevitable. But, it will be worth it when all your hard work pays off and you get your cookies. Just have to open that cookie jar!


  5. You can always get your hands into the cookie, but what if, when you do, the cookie crumbles? The evidence is all over the counter and the floor?

    Thank you for the like.


    • mewhoami says:

      That is an excellent point. You must first make sure it’s the right cookie before grabbing hold of it. Choosing the wrong cookie could make a very big mess.


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