Who’s Angry with Who?

little angry girl 1

One of the hardest things for people to do is to see their own faults. But, when you’re faced with them you can no longer deny them. An argument or a disagreement seems to show our faults best. This is because most of us allow our emotions to take over without getting approval from our brain beforehand.

We say things that we know we shouldn’t, respond in ways that we know are not correct and do things even we don’t understand. It’s during those times that we become angry with ourselves. But instead of admitting our fault, we let pride take over and place the blame on someone else. Although that’s completely absurd and unfair to the other person, I think we’ve all done it. But, by doing so we cause unnecessary hurt to those we love and we strain our relationships.

That is why it is so important to ask yourself “Who am I angry with? Them or me?” If the answer is “me”, then stop. Your pride is not worth making the situation worse for yourself and it’s definitely not appropriate to make them suffer because of your issue.

I’ve learned over the years that many people take their self disappointment out on others. On a personal level, that is something that I have worked very hard at overcoming over the past few years. My husband would be quick to tell you that I am by far my greatest critic. My Mother would probably tell you the same. I am very critical of my words, my actions, even my facial expressions. But, it’s important to realize that it’s okay to make mistakes and it’s okay to have faults. That is something that I have had to learn myself.

But by recognizing your faults, you are on the road to correcting them. Everyone has flaws, but there is always room for improvement. Don’t you want to be a better person? I know I do.

No one (unless mentally disturbed) enjoys hurting others. Unfortunately, the people we hurt most are the ones we love. With them, we feel that we have the freedom to speak our minds and to do and act as we please, simply because we think that they’ll always be there. But, they won’t. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. Life is too short to waste time on petty matters.

This is an oldie but it’s still good, “Live today like it’s your last, because tomorrow isn’t promised.”

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4 Responses to Who’s Angry with Who?

  1. frankiedman says:

    Very well said 🙂


  2. Amanda says:

    Beautiful reminder, thanks so much for sharing! We can also hold on to anger, resentment, trauma from the past (often way, way past). Does the smallest argument send you into a rage, as if you were angry before it even started? That is the case for many, and that anger could be stuffed deep within our organs. Release it! Ask for help. Feel the happiness you so deserve. Be patient, be kind, love.

    With love,


    • mewhoami says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. Fortunately, I have been blessed with the ability to not hold grudges or resentment. I’m not easily angered with others, but I am very critical of myself. I’ve noticed that more often than not, what seems to really anger people most is being disappointed in themselves. I agree – people should release their anger and let go of resentment. They’re only poisoning themselves by holding onto it.


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