Home is Where Your Heart Is

Dorothy NPLH2

“There’s no place like home.”

We’ve all heard it said before that “Home is where your heart is”. Although this saying has been worn out like a broken record, let’s face it – fact is fact. It seems that no matter what city you live in or where life takes you, your home remains the same.

Home can be a specific house or a geographical location. Home can even be found in a loved one.

I have two homes. The first one is the small southern town I grew up in. I loved that little town, the ranch we lived on and our “zoo” of animals. It was a place where we felt completely safe to run and play. It was a place of so many wonderful (and a few not so wonderful) memories. Most of all it was a place of family. I remember spending hours upon hours with my family. We weren’t tucked away in separate rooms on computers, glued to television screens, racing to the next level on a gaming system. Instead, we were together…outdoors. Yes, outside. That beautiful place that people so often forget that’s there, even though it can be seen right outside their window.

My second home is wherever my Mother may be living at any given time. I just recently came to that realization as I was pondering on a place to “get away”. Without a second thought it came to me, my Mom’s house. From house to house and town to town, it doesn’t matter where she goes, her house is my home. Simply because that’s where my heart is. I’m a Momma’s girl all the way. Always have been, always will be.

But, I know that going back to that small town would not be as it was when I was young. I also realize that residing at my Mother’s house is wonderful, but only temporary. Therefore, my real home should be right where I am. It may not be a ranch and I may not be able to curl up on my Mom’s sofa, but this place that I am typing from right now should be my home.

I think too often we spend so much time wanting to be somewhere else and live the life we’ve created in our minds, that the life we are actually living just passes us by. Instead of enjoying the life we have, we sit idle and do nothing while we dream of the one we don’t.

We should make the most of our life, the real one. The road is an open highway with plenty of opportunities. All we have to do is stop talking about it, get up and get moving.

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