Till Death Do Us Part? Certainly!

Elderly Couple Wheelchair

You know how most people get when they see an elderly couple holding hands while taking a walk? Yesterday, I witnessed something even more lovely. See the picture above? Now imagine this couple in a grocery store and add to it the man pulling a shopping cart behind him. They were absolutely the sweetest elderly couple I’ve ever seen. There he was gently pushing her ahead of him and pulling a shopping cart behind him, while they kindly conversed back and forth about what to buy. (If I could have taken an actual picture of them without being a “stalker”, I would have.) That couple was the perfect example of love. A love that doesn’t end and a love that doesn’t base itself off of circumstances.

That is a love that most people dream of finding in life and that is the way that love should be. But, too often people jump into a relationship based off of their instant feelings, instead of waiting to see who that person truly is. Time will show you who is standing before you. I read something recently that mentioned being “in love” and “loving” someone are two separate things. I completely agree. We tend to fall in love with people rather quickly. Falling in love, is falling in love with a person’s initial personality, appearance and the areas of their life which match those written on our unwritten “want” lists.

Another term for “falling in love” is lust. Lust isn’t all sexual. Lust involves many different areas. For women especially, we lust after companionship, thoughtfulness and security. When a man comes along who exhibits these attributes, it is easy for us to fall in love with him. Falling in love is important to a relationship, but it can have negative consequences if we jump in too quickly. We all know that the person we meet tomorrow and fall in love with, may not be that same person two years from now. Time will prove the person and the love you have for them. If you really want to know a person, wait until they face a significant problem or hardship. Then watch them closely. How they react to a large issue will show you who they truly are. If you choose to marry them, that person you just saw – that is the person you will spend your life with. Something to think about…

True love is built over time. It is not a love that happens over night or even over a couple of months. Love grows with time and the overcoming of obstacles. A couple that can face situations together and not just throw in the towel at the drop of a hat, is a couple that stays together. There is no question in my mind that the elderly couple in the grocery store have been through many tough times over the years. But, what carries them through is the fact they they have overcome those battles together, as a team. Marriage should last a lifetime and it is my belief that if we choose our partner well and allow time to prove who they truly are, then a marriage can last.

It was obvious that the couple at the store are more than lovers. They are friends. Looks will fade, trials will come, but a genuine friendship will carry love to the end.

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2 Responses to Till Death Do Us Part? Certainly!

  1. Beautiful explanation of the REAL deal. True love!


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