You are a Beautiful Skyscraper

skyscraper 5People of all ages and for different reasons, seek perfection. They may not admit it, but watch them and sooner or later it will become evident. Most people don’t seek perfection out of pride, but simply because they want to be someone that they themselves can be proud of. Being prideful and being proud of yourself are two entirely different matters. Perfection is most often sought after via careers, character, family life, parenting styles, possessions, attire and physical appearance. Of course, some of these categories matter more to some than they do to others.

For this post however, I am going to focus on a person’s physical appearance. Although men care about their appearance to a degree, there is no denying that women would get the medal for this if a competition were to be held. The majority of women regardless of age, body type and social status are concerned about at least one attribute of their appearance, at the very minimum. It may be that they feel too thin, too heavy, too tall, too short, they’re blonde, brunette, have brown eyes or blue…the list could go on and on.  But sometimes, it’s the smallest of blemishes that cause women the most grief. Whether it be a temporary flaw or permanent, is it really all that important?

No matter what imperfections you may have, don’t allow them to bring you down. A few years ago when I was suffering from some imperfections of my own, my husband told something along the lines of this:

“You’re like a beautiful skyscraper. There is so much beauty to be seen in you. When looking at a magnificent skyscraper, who cares about a small tile on the floor that’s out of place? You’re beautiful.”

Those words have stuck with me ever since. Everyone is made special and unique. There are no two people exactly alike.

You are a beautiful skyscraper. So, be confident in who you are. Hold your head up high, smile and show your beauty to the world.

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